Overall Campus

Key Facts:

  • 60-acre parcel of land in Onancock and Onley, VA
  • Campus includes Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital, Riverside Shore Cancer Center, Riverside Medical Office Building, a helipad and ample parking.
  • Stormwater runoff is controlled with on-site best management practices to ensure that runoff into the creek behind the hospital is minimized and that the minimal runoff is as clean as possible.
  • Landscaping features plantings native to the Eastern Shore.

Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital

Key Facts:

  • The new Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital comprises 139,100 square feet spread over two floors.
  • It offers 52 private inpatient rooms of which 10 are critical care and six are Maternity.
  • The Emergency Department offers two private triage rooms plus 13 private treatment rooms including a trauma room.
  • A pneumatic tube delivery system whisks items to a designated department, allowing team members to stay at the patient's bedside.

Energy Efficiency:
Energy efficiency in the building's design keeps energy usage low over the long term. These features include:

  • A masonry exterior that meets or exceeds conservation code requirements.
  • Double pane glass windows with glazing to improve privacy and reduce solar heat gain.
  • A light colored roof to reduce heat-island effect and reduce solar heat gain.
  • Reduced artificial light due to large windows that allow daylight into the building.
  • Occupancy sensors for non-patient care areas that automatically turn off lights when areas are not in use.
  • Variable-flow heating and cooling allow reduced energy consumption during lower usage times.
  • Air handlers allow the use of outside air for cooling during cooler times of the year.

Patient Room Key Facts:

  • State-of-the-art communications systems allow nurses who are in the room with a patient to call for help in emergency situations.
  • Patient rooms are nearly double the size of those in the Nassawadox hospital.
  • Computers in inpatient and emergency department rooms allow team members to document and place orders without leaving the patient's bedside.
  • All rooms feature a comfortable visitor chair or loveseat that folds out into a bed.
  • 12 rooms offer in-room dialysis.
  • Each room offers a large, flat screen television.

Nursing Features Key Facts:

  • Nursing stations are designed to balance privacy and sound reduction for the caregivers with providing a welcoming feeling for visitors.
  • There is a meeting area built in to each station to make collaboration convenient.
  • Each nursing unit offers ice-makers and refrigerators in close proximity to patient rooms to make comfort items quickly available to patients.

First Floor Highlights:

  • Main Lobby includes an Information Desk for greeting visitors and a waiting area for outpatient services.
  • Outpatient services such as Admitting/Registration, Imaging/Radiology, Cardiology testing, Respiratory testing, Diabetes Center and the Laboratory are all located on the first floor.
  • Radiology, the Laboratory and the Emergency Room are co-located for easy access between services.
  • Shore Café, Carousel Gift Shop, Administration offices, Human Resources and the Riverside Foundation are all located on the first floor.
  • Imaging includes a new wide-bore MRI, a CT scanner and four ultrasound rooms.
  • The Emergency Department features two crisis intervention rooms with a panel that keeps electrical outlets and medical gases out of a patient's reach.  This is an important safety feature for patients at risk of harming themselves or others.
  • Cardiology patients will be staged in three exam rooms instead of our current two which allows patients to be seen faster.
  • Diagnostic testing and phlebotomy are just steps away from cardiology and the ED, and in many cases further testing can be performed the same day.  We are focused on making care convenient for our patients.
  • Cardiology's central location affords a quick response time to patients anywhere in the hospital who are experiencing a cardiac emergency. This is a key reason for the proximity of the cardiology and emergency departments.
  • All cardiology patients are seen in the hospital, thereby reducing any confusion for the patient about where the appointment will take place.

Second Floor Highlights:

  • 52 inpatient rooms including Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics, Mother/Baby Unit and ICU
  • All rooms feature very large windows for ample natural light. Rooms also feature room darkening and blackout shades for times when reduced light is preferred.
  • Pre-op, Post-op services
  • Three operating rooms and two procedure rooms
  • Operating rooms feature a green LED light which improves visual acuity for the surgeon. The LED light stays cool to the touch, keeping the room temperature consistent for patient, staff and surgeon.
  • The operating rooms feature large screen monitors that can display the patient's electronic medical record, previous x-rays or other images or video of the surgery in an easy-to-see format from the operating table.
  • In Maternity, two triage rooms are available for arriving moms who need evaluation.
  • Maternity includes three Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) rooms where moms stay for the entire visit.  Each LDRP is private with a private bath with shower, and a pullout couch for the birthing partner.
  • Maternity also includes three postpartum rooms for moms who deliver in L&D or in the OR.  Again, each room is private with a private bath and shower and a pullout couch.
  • Maternity is next door to the Operating Suite. This improves patient privacy if a laboring patient needs to move into the OR.
  • Expectant moms enjoy 24-hour anesthesia availability and an intermediate care nursery for distressed newborns.
  • Visitor Lounge where visitors can gather to wait for loved ones who are in surgery
  • 12 Dialysis rooms
  • One Hospice room

Riverside Shore Cancer Center

Key Facts:

  • The Riverside Shore Cancer Center comprises 15,185 square feet.
  • Sleep Lab services and infusion services are offered at the Center, along with traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy (including IRMT) services.
  • A new linear accelerator offers the latest in radiation therapy technology.
  • The Cancer Center is connected to the hospital by a climate-controlled corridor.

Riverside Medical Office Building

Key Facts:

  • The Medical Office Building comprises 25,390 square feet.
  • Outpatient Physical Therapy is offered in addition to physician offices for specialty and primary care.

The New Location
The location for the new hospital is immediately behind the Four Corners Plaza in Accomack County.

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