robie marsh

"The new hospital campus means to me that not only will I have the best healthcare services locally, but because of Riverside's commitment to the Shore, my children and their children will also have that same outstanding healthcare commitment for generations to come. It means convenience for our community so that we do not have to travel an hour and a half in emergency situations. It also means positive economic momentum for Accomack County." 

- Robie Marsh


ann bull

"It will beside nice to have a new up to date hospital in Accomack County as the area continues to prosper and grow. On a personal note, my Mom is a resident of the Hermitage and it will be wonderful to have a hospital so close by."

- Ann Bull, retired Kindergarten teacher, Accomack County Public Schools



billy murphy

"The hospital will serve a much larger populated area. *This facility will attract top doctors and provide modern care for our citizens from surrounding areas."

- Billy Murphy, Lieutenant, Accomack County Sheriff's Department



"Riverside Shore Memorial since the start of construction throughout has been and is beneficial to our local economy. From the mom and pop business to franchises in the area. I believe the shore will have many wonderful years with this new centrally located facility."

- Jessica Jennestreet, Pep Up


susan kellam

"I am looking forward to our new campus, excited about new beginnings for our community, new state of the art equipment, and I am just proud to be part of the ES Riverside team!"  

- Susan Kellam, R.N. Riverside Shore Memorial Emergency Department



"I'm excited about the convenience/location of the new hospital. And I like that it will bring new business to our business area."

- Blandy Davis



"We are excited to have a brand new state-of-the-art facility that all residents of the Eastern Shore will appreciate!"

- Bob and Tori Bloxom



"I'm excited about having a state of the art hospital with doctors adjacent."

- Kristin Webb


t lecato

"I'm excited about all the new technology that will be available to all the residents of the Shore in such a central location. I can't wait to see it."

- Tina LeCato



"I feel the new hospital will serve the community by offering new technological advances in the care of patients."

- Michelle Stiles Taylor




"I am most excited about the availability of emergency care being so close to our home."

- Lynn Williams




"I'm excited about the new hospital coming to Onley because of the convenient location for so many residents. Also having new updated equipment and facilities."

- Mark Switzer




"By having pullout couches available in patient rooms Riverside is showing they care about the whole patient and want them to have the support of family while they recover. This is such a great way to support the patient's recovery physically and mentally."

- K.J. Bentley




"Having had devastating losses recently, I'm looking forward to a couple of things with the new hospital. in Parksley it was a good 45 minutes to Nassawadox. Cancer center/hospice...the Shore will benefit from the state of the art equipment and the best doctors it will attract."

- Leslie Hart




"As someone who has had experience with a family member under long term inpatient care, I think that both the patient and family members will benefit from the availability of in-room foldout beds inside the private inpatient rooms which will allow a family member to overnight with the patient during a portion of the treatment process."

- Bill Hall


"I'm most looking forward to seeing the hospital come because we would have a state of the art hospital within minutes from my home. Also, it looks like we are going to a have a great community partner!"

- Shane Childress


"I'm looking forward to what it will bring to Accomack County in support of those small and local businesses surrounding it. A new hospital brings new people which in turn offers new business to local vendors."

- Courtney Helene Johnson


"I'm so excited and so thankful to have a new and top-of-the-line hospital facility within 10 minutes of my home. Thank you Riverside!"

- Marshall Poulson


"Looking forward to an updated ER for parents with children. Also excited about meeting areas for families to congregate while visiting loved ones."

- Valerie Drummond




"It is my understanding that the new hospital will have an expanded and more centralized cardiac care unit. My husband and several friends have experienced heart problems in the past, so I am excited that they have improved this area and it will be available close by."
- Lori Colonna, Onancock



"Living in Northampton, it will be a little bit further to drive to get to the new hospital, but I am still excited about having new, modern, state of the art medical services and facilities right here on the Shore.

The thing I love best about Dr. Angelica Perry is that her approach to wellness doesn’t just focus on the immediate symptoms, but it looks at all the factors such as diet, exercise, lifestyle as way for us to achieve optimal health and wellness…if I come in for my arthritic knees, she also looks at my diet, what supplements I may be taking, am I getting the right kind of exercise to address the issue."

- Wayne Creed



“I am so excited to give our Shore citizens the leading-edge health care facility we promised when we joined Riverside Health System in 2009. The new hospital will have 52 large and private rooms, as well as a state-of-the-art ICU, Mother/Baby department, lab, Women's Imaging suite, and more. Our new cancer center, featuring leading-edge equipment, will open when the new hospital opens this winter. Our MRI, CT and X-ray departments will be modern and comfortable.”

- C. Lee Davis, owner of C. Lee Davis, Inc., and current Chairman of the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital's board of directors



“The new Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital is an exciting addition to the Shore. Riverside’s commitment to providing quality health care services to our community will allow our area to experience the best care available for our needs.

With such high standards for performance, state of the art equipment, and employees who are our friends and neighbors, the Shore is fortunate to have Riverside as a partner.”

- Jean Hungiville, Executive Director of the ESVA Chamber of Commerce



“I very much look forward to opening of the new Riverside Hospital. Having a modern, centrally located hospital on the Eastern Shore will better serve all of the Shore’s residents and will serve as a critically important asset to assist in the growth of our communities and expand job opportunities for Shore residents.”

- Steve Mallette, Chairman of the Eastern Shore of VA Chamber of Commerce and Principal/Owner of Resource Management Associates.


george bryan

"I perceive the move of the hospital as a 'plus' for two major reasons:

1. In order to keep a viable health center on the Shore, then it would have to move where it will serve most of the populous more efficiently. Accomack County has more than three times the population of Northampton County, hence it appears to be a sound business decision.

2. The existing facility in Nassawadox has newer equipment, but the future facility will be state-of-the-art with the potential to attract additional medical practitioners and staff. "

- George Bryan


luke kellam 

"As both a child and a parent, there will be many memories with the 'old hospital' now, but it's exciting to see the medical community in lockstep with other active progress the Shore enjoys."

- Luke Kellam




"I grew up with a clear view of the current hospital from our front yard, and even remember attending the ribbon cutting ceremony back in the early 70's.  While it's bittersweet to see the hospital leave Nassawadox, it's also been very exciting to watch the progress in Onancock, from the ground up.   We are extremely fortunate in both counties to have access to such a modern and capable facility.  As a community partner at ESCC, we are proud to be helping students (both nursing and in other areas of study) in preparing for their possible future careers at Riverside.  The positives of this wonderful new facility and campus are endless."

- Bill LeCato




"I believe the new hospital will be able to serve more of the Shore's population with it's more centrally located campus. The modern design with plenty of natural light will certainly enhance the comfort of patients, visitors and staff. State-of-the-art equipment should produce better health and medical outcomes for our local community.  Major developments such as a new hospital, generally bring greater business opportunities and more jobs to an area.  I believe that will be the case here, since we are already witnessing such growth."

- Wanda Fitchett


t lee byrd

T. Lee Byrd, born and raised on the Eastern Shore of VA, and a retired produce broker, currently sits on the Onancock Town Council. 
T. Lee says he is excited about the new hospital campus because it will bring people in to the town of Onancock. Because the new campus will be good for the town's water and sewer system and because it will boost all local businesses, he is encouraged and excited about the possibilities. He also sees the potential of new businesses sprouting up around the hospital and beyond. 
Claiming, “we are all getting older,” what he is most looking forward to is the new future-ready hospital and how it will be prepared to serve the residents of the whole Eastern Shore with its talented physicians, specialists, state of the art facility and technologies.

- T. Lee Byrd


k annis

"As a Director of Lifestyles and Wellness at Hermitage on the Eastern Shore, I am excited and encouraged about Riverside's commitment to community and what that means for our residents. There is a community pride and excitement about the hospital building process but it's more than that. Every Riverside staff member I have spoken to really cares. And that's what real community is about."

- Kristie Annis



September, 1958:  As a newly graduated R.N. my professional career began at Northampton-Accomack Memorial Hospital. Exciting times!  Our children were born, and family members received needed treatment within those walls. 

New construction began on our present hospital while we lived and worked in Richmond.  Retirement came and we moved back to the Shore to resume nursing in a different health area.  Riverside Shore Memorial is again the setting for our family's medical care. 

Excitement is building again as we get closer to the opening of our newest Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital and its continued care of my friends and family.

- Dale Parks


"I've made several trips to the ER at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital over the past 20 months, and each time I've gone to visit a parishioner I wonder for myself if this is a facility I can count on if I retire and spend the rest of my life here on the Eastern Shore. What I have seen is an ER with professional staff who care for the people they see. What impresses me most about the ER at Riverside is the ability to quickly assess the needs of the patient. They know their limits and they know when to refer. I want that for my care. I am impressed with the quality of Riverside, namely the ER, here on the Shore."

- Monica Gould



"I am very excited about the opening of the new Riverside Hospital campus in Onancock.  I look forward to it.  It is closer than going all the way to Salisbury and has better quality care.  It will be a modern, state of the art facility with all the latest technologies. This will help attract new, young doctors and specialists which will be very good for our community."

-  Ace Seybolt




"We both really hope to work here one day and are excited to participate in signing the beam."
- Isabeau and Nicolette Drewer

"We have lived on the Shore for two years and absolutely adore it here.  One of the things that makes it even better is that we are going to have this new facility.  We couldn't be happier.  Congratulations to everyone!"
- Barbara and John Mroczka

"It is very encouraging to know that in the time of need there will be an exceptional medical facility to care for us."
- Dan Hillman

escc students
"We are excited about the new hospital for the new job opportunities that it will bring and the up to date equipment and facility."
- Eastern Shore Community College nursing students

willie randall
"I am happy to be here at the signing of the beam at the brand new hospital in Onancock. We are excited about this project and looking forward to the new building!"

-Willie Randall


"We are very excited about this opportunity to be here to sign that beam. This hospital will be a magnificent place to care for patients and to improve health for our community. Collaborating with Riverside is what it has been all about for us over the last year, and I see nothing but health improvements for everyone here on the Shore."
- Nancy Stern, CEO; Blair Chick, CMO; Anne Crabbe, COO - Eastern Shore Rural Health

maria hood

"I have been on the Shore for 43 years, and this is one of the most exciting things that has happened for the Eastern Shore. I am delighted that it is here in Onancock -sad it can't be in two places at once, but it will be in a central place so that everyone can reach it in a reasonable time. I am a proud member of the Auxiliary and am proud that we have been able to grow with the needs of the community."
- Maria Hood

ernest douglas

"I am excited about the new hospital being closer. It will be great for the community.
- Ernest Douglas


"We are very excited that the hospital is coming to add growth to this area and glad have a nice new facility with updated equipment."

- Tom and Mary McKenna

ann phillips
"I am so excited to see this wonderful facility that is coming to our community to serve both Northampton and Accomack counties.   I was blessed to have been born in the old hospital, excited to have worked in the old hospital in 1959 with the surgical and OR technicians, and now I have lived long enough to see this brand new facility come to our community. It is going to be spectacular!"

- Ann Phillips