Baby is Here!Women and Infant Care
Each of our spacious post partum rooms features a private restroom with shower and television and DVD player. Because all of our post partum rooms are private, the father or labor support person can stay with you through the night if you wish. Our chairs fold out for sleeping and we’ll provide linens and blankets for comfort.

Infant Care
The majority of our babies will remain in the room with mom at all times. The same nurse cares for you and your new baby. This is called couplet care and recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics. Couplet care encourages bonding, and allows nurses to work closely with moms. Nurses will assist moms with how to bath, diaper and feed their newborn.

We want you to feel comfortable caring for your baby before you go home so please don’t hesitate to ask questions throughout your hospital stay. A daily discharge preparation class is offered to answer any additional questions.

Babies who need more extensive care go to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Breastfeeding Support
All of our nurses are trained in breastfeeding, and are here to help and support you if you choose to breastfeed your infant. We have a staff of lactation consultants who will assist you with any breastfeeding support needed. She can also assist with breastfeeding supplies and breast pumps for rent or sale from Riverside.

Infant Photography (Baby Pictures)
Riverside has partnered with Our 365 to provide newborn photos that we can post on our Web Nursery. If you wish, we will take your baby’s photo during your hospital stay for friends and family to view online. It’s a fast and convenient way for our parents to share the news of baby’s arrival. The photos are also available for parents to purchase through Our 365.

more For more information: Visit our Web Nursery.

Safety and Security
Security Systems: Multiple security measures protect your baby’s safety during your stay, including our matching band system, electronic infant security system and cameras.
Staff Identification: All of our staff members wear name badges with a specific design that you’ll be able to recognize right away.
Moving Baby: Each time we transport your baby outside of your room, we will place your baby in the bassinet. We ask that you do the same.
In Case of Emergency: There are multiple emergency call devices in each room for your safety, including an intercom attached to the bed and emergency pull cords in your shower and next to your toilet so we can help you right away if you should suddenly feel sick or dizzy.
Car Safety: We will insist that baby goes home in an infant car seat.

Insuring Baby
Be sure to contact your healthcare insurance company as soon as possible after your baby is born so they will add your new baby to your insurance policy. In most plans, this does not happen automatically, so it’s important to call.

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