ClearPath Memory Care has a simple goal for a complex matter: we want to bring clarity and understanding to memory-impaired individuals and their families.

We recognize the challenges for both patients and caregivers experiencing the effects of memory-related conditions and seek to offer comprehensive support to everyone affected by these disorders.

Backed by Riverside
Founded and supported by Riverside Health System, ClearPath has the medical expertise and solid foundation to offer more resources and services for memory impaired individuals than any other provider in the region. ClearPath Memory Care can provide the most comprehensive treatment and support plan for you and your loved ones, including medical care, residential care communities and in-home support services.

Philosophy & Vision
The name "ClearPath" highlights the fact that Riverside has the resources and skills to help guide families and individuals along their journey with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia disorders.

Through expert services and programs, Riverside treats every affected individual with dignity, attention and respect while partnering with their families to ensure a better quality of life for everyone involved.

We want to approach memory impairment from every possible angle, beginning with a definitive diagnosis to guiding you through the medical, physical, social and emotional aspects of managing a memory-related condition. These resources are offered to both patients and caregivers.

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