Patient Stories

Patient Stories

For Dr. Nickerson's hips, everything came together. Read more.

On water and on land, Scott Vail is back on a sound footing.Read more.

Doris' Story
Doris retired from her nursing career, but as she tells it, she'll always be a nurse. So she knew the pain in her shoulder was going to require surgery. Read more.

Bill's Story
William thought being retired would give him more time to walk around the grain fields on his Middle Peninsula farm. But his knees never got the message. Read more.

Mary Helen's Story
As a sailing enthusiast Mary Helen wasn't going to let a torn rotator cuff keep her on dry land. Read more.

Jean's Story
As an owner of a commercial daffodil farm, Jean's ability to work with the flowers was hampered by her inability to move her damaged shoulders without severe pain. Read more.

Robert's Story
After 54 years of marriage, one of Robert's few regrets is that he didn't carry his wife across the threshold. Read more.

Iva's Story
Iva had a good sense of what severe knee pain was all about. She'd lived with it for years and could scarcely imagine life without it. Read more.

Constance's Story
With a knee that continually radiated pain, Constance felt restricted. But she was soon back at her favorite activities –sailing, playing tennis and running after her grandchildren. All without pain and with a new sense of freedom. Read more.

Josh's Story
An infection in his foot could have cost Josh a soccer scholarship. With the right care and direction, he wasn't sidelined for long. Read more.

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