Neurovascular Embolization

The goal of endovascular embolization is to treat abnormal blood vessels in the brain or other parts of the body by cutting off blood supply.

Sclerotherapy for vascular birthmarks
As an adjunct to surgical excision and other therapies, the Riverside Neurovascular Center offers state-of-the-art embolization and sclerotherapy for venous, lymphatic and arteriovenous malformations commonly called "birthmarks." The treatment is performed in our angiography suite and consists of the image-guided percutaneous injection of a sclerosing agent directly into the malformation.

In macroscystic lesions the agent creates an irritation in the wall lining of the cyst which then becomes inflamed and shuts down. In venous malformations the same procedure irritates the wall of the blood vessel resulting in the formation of a blood clot.

Head and neck tumor embolization
The embolization of vascular tumors of the head and neck is used by Riverside endovascular surgeons as an important adjunct to traditional surgical treatment. Using detachable embolic agent deployed through angiography, this endovascular procedure helps devascularize and subsequently remove head and neck tumors.

Embolization for epistaxis
Although relatively common within the general population, most nosebleeds resolve spontaneously and only a very small percentage require medical attention. For those cases the neurovascular team at Riverside offers endovascular embolization as an alternative to surgical ligation.

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