The Riverside Difference

Why it Matters to You

Only open heart surgery center on the Virginia Peninsula

All cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment services are provided in one location, 24/7. If emergency open heart surgery is required you won’t have to be transported to another hospital. This significantly reduces the risk of increased heart damage or even death.

Only facility on the Virginia Peninsula with a 128 slice CT scan

Our state of the art technology provides a more accurate view of the heart than the traditional 64 slice CT scan. Doctors can more quickly and accurately pinpoint and treat heart conditions.

Only interventional catheterization lab on the Virginia Peninsula meeting American Heart Association guidelines for emergency heart attacks

The faster and more effectively advanced cardiac disease is diagnosed and treated, the less more invasive procedures are required and the more heart muscle (and lives) can be saved.

Only local Emergency & Trauma Center serving the Virginia Peninsula.

Our Emergency Room has the regions highest emergency trauma designation and is staffed around the clock with Board Certified Emergency Physicians specially trained in advanced emergency cardiac care. Our Emergency Physicians work closely with their Heart and Vascular Center physician partners.

Riverside consistently beats the national average for time between patient arrival and emergency cardiac catheterization

The national guideline for "door to balloon” (catheterization) is 90 minutes. Riverside meets or beats this 92% of the time. Our “door to balloon” record is 23 minutes.

Riverside provides remote EKG equipment to local emergency transport vehicles  (ambulances)

Emergency medical responders transmit EKG (heart) data directly to the Riverside Emergency Department before patients ever arrive. As a result, doctors save valuable time in diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

Innovative emergency treatment for heart attacks

Our Emergency Room uses highly specialized, hypothermic treatment that cools your body to a lower temperature. As a result, the potential for brain damage from restricted blood flow is reduced.

Emergency Room ten minute EKG guarantee

If you come to the emergency room with chest pain or critical heart disease symptoms, we will administer a physician-read EKG within 10 minutes of arrival. The faster an accurate diagnosis is made, the faster life -saving treatment can begin.

Riverside has over 70 primary care and 270 specialty physicians on staff, the largest and most experienced team of physicians on the Virginia Peninsula.

Heart disease often involves more than one medical condition and requires more than one medical specialist. Our team of Riverside physicians work closely together providing seamless patient care.

Riverside physicians are national leaders in using electronic medical records to improve patient care

Riverside physicians can quickly access and share critical diagnostic and medical information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This results in improved physician to physician communication and patient care, faster and more accurate diagnosis, increased patient safety and reduced medical costs.

Patients have 24/7 access to their personal electronic medical records

Using myHealth eLink an online communication tool, patients can access their electronic medical and immunization records, view lab results sent by their physician, request prescription refills, appointments and referrals, or send a question to their physician’s office.