Cervical cancer that is found in an early, precancerous stage can be treated by your gynecologist in his office. For instance, abnormal cells may be treated and removed with lasers or during a biopsy.
If the cancer has progressed to a more advanced stage, your treatment may include the traditional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation or one of the newer treatments developed in recent years.
With the information gathered from the cancer staging process, your oncologist, with the Riverside cancer care team, will recommend one or more treatment options. Although the choice of treatment depends in large part how far the cancer has spread, other factors may influence your options. These include your age, general health, individual circumstances and preferences.
Talk to your doctor about your treatment. Taking into account all the aspects of your individual case, he or she can discuss the best options for you. Ask questions so that you understand all the risks and side effects of the various treatments before making a decision. This section provides you information on the most common treatments.