Rebuilding Lives
That is what Riverside Rehabilitation Institute is all about.  Our goal is simple, to help an individual with a physical impairment overcome the limitations of the body.  These limitations may be caused by a stroke, head injury, amputation, spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury, neuromuscular disease or other debilitating illnesses or injuries.

Whatever the limitation, our rehabilitation professionals are helping people with a physical impairment maximize their remaining abilities to achieve their highest level of independence.

The Patient
First and foremost, all decisions, actions and efforts will be made while focusing on our reason for being here -- the patient.

In the process of focusing on the patient, staff and other resources will be utilized to best serve the needs of our patients.

Riverside Health System
Riverside Rehabilitation Institute, whose goal through our employees is "rebuilding the lives of the physically impaired", is an integral component of Riverside Health System.

Riverside Health System is a comprehensive healthcare delivery system with over 4,000 employees striving to provide quality healthcare at the lowest possible cost.

The inherent strength of RHS and RRI is its employees, whose dedication and commitment to quality make the continued success of RHS through our patients, clients and customers possible.

Value-Cost Effectiveness and Quality
Cost effective delivery of services through our diversified system is the manner by which we continue to be able to provide patient services.

Cost effective delivery of services is achieved by:

  1. Effective utilization of resources.
  2. Focusing, by each employee, on those areas that improve our efforts to care for our patients.
  3. Participation in the programs and services offered through the economies of Riverside Health System.
  4. A commitment to Quality by doing it right the first time and always seeking ways to improve on our past successes.

Overall, cost effective delivery of services is achieved through the process of our day-to-day operations with the end result being superior patient care and a sound bottom line ensuring the future of Riverside Rehabilitation Institute and Riverside Health System.