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As part of your monthly My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter, you can take advantage of some healthy tips from fellow employees. This month a Riverside team member offers home remedies for dealing with sunburn. If you have a health and wellness suggestion that other people can use please send it to Daniel Ballin at

For four generations now my family and I have spent a lot of sunshine hours in the Outer Banks in a small cottage my grandfather built before I was born. We continue to go there each summer and it's been an important part of vacation for my children. Despite our best efforts, somebody manages to get a little sunburned and for many years, this is how we've handled it:

Apple-Cider-Vinegar Dab a generous amount of apple cider vinegar – we use a cotton ball – onto the sunburn and you get a cooling effect almost immediately. Another good strategy is to simply break off the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant, peel the plant skin off, and rub it gently on the affected area. There are quite a few commercial products with aloe in them, but nothing seems to work as well as the plant itself for providing a quick sense of soothing. If there aren't any aloe plants around, you can head for the refrigerator and use milk which provides quick relief when you rub it directly onto the burned area.

cucumberOne other thing my mother would use if someone's face was a little sunburned was to put very thin slices of cucumber – or sometimes she would grate it – on the skin.

I don't know exactly what the scientific basis is for these natural remedies, and you will definitely smell a little strange until you rinse off, but they do seem to work. And as I mentioned, they've been providing relief in my family for quite a few years.