MHLbannersmallAnd so has your opportunity to save on your Health Plan premiums

If you are an employee who has health benefits through Riverside Health System, the My Healthy Lifestyle program makes it possible for you and your covered spouse to save on your health insurance premium or other health-related costs in 2013 and beyond. And now, you have a little more time to reach those savings.

The new deadline for completing the requirements – the five steps – to be eligible to receive health plan premium discounts is now November 30. Although over 45% of eligible team members have already returned Physical Exam Verification Forms as of September 24th, we extended the deadline in order to enable an even greater number of Riverside team members to participate in the program and save. Those who don't participate will no longer earn the health plan rate discount and will see significant increases in their health plan premiums. Remember that both you and your covered spouse need to participate in order to earn the highest savings on premiums – up to $600.dollar-sign-stethoscope

It's easy and it makes a difference in your health and your savings

All it takes is setting up a wellness plan with your primary care physician and then reaching the agreed upon health and wellness goals for the year. And to make it easier, we've put together the five steps you need for the premium discounts … like an appointment with your PCP for an annual wellness exam (and don't forget, the blood draw is a fasting one) and completing your online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and a few other steps. And remember, every step is completely private and confidential.

Information related to the five steps will help you determine your eligibility for savings, including a points system based on biometric screening results: Just click here.

You'll also see the new deadlines to hit in order to make it happen. Remember, it's all worth a few steps (five to be exact) because what it takes to enjoy your premium savings also involves a healthier lifestyle. So when it comes to the My Healthy Lifestyle program, just think what you can save.

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