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My family and I really like chicken and eat quite a bit of it. I think we should all be aware, though, that some of the chicken you get when you eat out, especially when it's been processed into nuggets or patties, and even some of the grilled chicken at the fast food places, is loaded with sodium. Even when you serve poultry at home using bread crumbs, marinades and other flavorings you can turn naturally heart healthy food into something that may taste good, but isn't particularly good for you.Recipe_Baked_Lemon_Chicken_340_0

I prepare and season my own chicken so that I know it doesn't have any hidden salt or high calorie ingredients. I use seasonings like lemon, tarragon, black pepper and garlic, in different combinations sometimes. My family not only enjoys it but it gives me a good feeling to know I'm starting my son and two daughters out with some healthier ideas about food.

 Nancy H

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