MHLbannersmallHow to be safe and motivated when you exercise outdoors in the waning light of winter

Grab an exercise buddy and stay bright when the daylight hours decrease. As a long-time runner, I know it's easy to come up with excuses not to get out and move during the winter months. Having lived in Michigan, I'm pleasantly aware that the cold weather in our part of the country isn't severe like it is further north, but the darkness in the morning and late afternoon can still throw you off your game. stay brightWhat I've found to be the best way to go is to find a friend to help motivate me. Especially on the less hospitable weather days, it helps to know somebody is waiting for you, and it works that way for both of us. Sometimes we run with a few other people, also, so it becomes as much of a social event as an exercise, but we're always getting that run in. The other suggestion is to make sure you can be seen. We generally stay away from areas where cars would be, but even on the trail we wear reflective clothing. On the midwinter mornings or evenings when it's almost totally dark we also wear a headlamp so we can see better and be seen as well, even when the lighting conditions improve.

Ingrid B.

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