The answer to any excuse you might have about skipping breakfast

The pioneering American nutritionist, Adelle Davis, once said that we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. So if breakfast is worthy of a king and considered to be the most important meal of the day – for some very sound nutritional and metabolic reasons -- why is it the one we're least likely to eat? Most of the reasons seem to focus on not enough time, too picky for the limited choices that are usually available and not hungry. Take a look below at what you can do for yourself – and other people you care about – to get around the excuses.

Not enough time:healthy-breakfast

  • Mix low-fat yogurt with whole-grain cereal and serve with a glass of orange juice.
  • Add dried cranberries and almonds to quick-cooking oatmeal.
  • Make a quick smoothie with a banana, a little frozen fruit and low-fat milk or soy milk.

Picky eater:

  • Instead of having doughnuts, have whole-grain toaster waffles with reduced-sugar syrup. If doughnuts are a must-have, try smaller doughnut holes with low-fat milk and fruit.
  • Instead of having regular greasy bacon, try Canadian or turkey bacon.

Not hungry:

  • Spread it out: have a piece of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk before you leave the house, then have an oatmeal muffin or low-sugar cereal bar when you get to work.

Do you have any strategies for putting the crown on and having breakfast? Share them with us by contacting Daniel Ballin at