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Welcome to your April My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter, the online voice of My Healthy Lifestyle. It's the first full month of spring, a time of new growth, color and optimism. It's also a time when some of our thoughts turn to spring cleaning. 

To help you in your cleaning goals, you'll find some good information on cleaning out your pantry and creating a better organized and healthier space for you and your family. And thanks to this month's employee tip, you'll learn more about some effective, non-toxic and hand-crafted household cleaners that will help you cut down on indoor air pollution.

In recognition of April as Alcohol Awareness Month we've included an article on the many downsides (there is no up side) of underage drinking and its negative effect on individuals, families and society. In addition, don't miss the discussion of why the over consumption of alcohol is a bad ingredient to mix with your exercise routine.

It's all here in the April issue of your newsletter in short but interesting and valuable articles that can help support your personal journey to better health.

Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will read it but also respond to it. To provide comments or ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel Ballin at