MHLbannersmallMy Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members interesting and useful information to support better health and wellness

Welcome to your January My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter. The holidays are behind us now and the New Year looms on the horizon as a time of hope and promise within our own lives, our families, our communities, our workplace and the broader world around us. As part of this potential, 2014 also represents a time of renewed commitment to our goals for improved health and wellness.

Toward that end, this issue of your newsletter includes some helpful reminders of healthy goals in the forms of updates on National Family Fit Lifestyle Month and National Healthy Weight Month, both of which take place in January. As a little reinforcement toward reaching and achieving a healthier weight range, you'll also read about some effective motivators ranging from charting your progress to remembering that while appearance matters, it's all about health.

In addition, you'll find some thoughts on the amazing egg, the near perfect food that's bounced back (in a figurative way) from its previous bad reputation regarding cholesterol and re-emerged as a nutrient-packed, inexpensive and healthy breakfast choice. It's all here in your happy new yearnewsletter's first 2014 issue, along with the wish that this New Year is a healthy and fulfilling one for our entire Riverside team.

While some of this information is offered directly in your online newsletter, you'll also find links you can access for more details. Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will read it but also respond to it. To provide comments or ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel BallinĀ at