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It's Alcohol Awareness Month and you'll find some good reasons why alcohol and working out aren't good mixers – plus some statistics on underage drinking that may surprise you. In keeping with our efforts at spring cleaning, don't miss the guide to clearing out your pantry and creating a more organized and healthier space. And learn why ancient grains offer up-to-the-minute benefits. It's all in your April newsletter, along with an employee tip on how to use homemade cleaners to cut down on indoor air pollution. READ MORE

The Problems Connected with Underage Drinking May Be Even Worse
Than You Think
And Alcohol Awareness Month is a good time to look at resources
The statistics can be overwhelming when it comes to alcohol-related problems in younger drinkers but increasing awareness and education are good places to start looking for solutions. READ MORE

Why Exercise and Too Much Alcohol Aren't Good Mixers
Even though quite a few people are giving it a shot
A recent study shows that a lot of people who are moving beyond "moderate" when it comes to alcohol consumption are relying on intense exercise to regain their physiological balance. It's a nice try but there are a number of reasons why it doesn't work out all that well. READ MORE

Ready for a No-Cost, Healthy Kitchen Makeover?
When it comes to spring cleaning, remember to clean out and restock your pantry
Most of the original motivations for spring cleaning have faded into history but it still makes a lot sense to bring a little more order to your living environment. And if you start with the pantry, it also has the potential for improved nutrition for you and your family. READ MORE

The Grains May Be Ancient but the Healthy Eating Is Definitely Up To Date
Because you can't beat the combination of good taste and good for you
Just what are "ancient grains" and why are they such powerhouses of good nutrition? Don't miss this description of some foods you will want to introduce into your diet as a versatile substitute for grains you already may be eating. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
If you're concerned about toxic home cleaning products, just make your own.
In this issue a reader offers some good advice – and some "recipes" – for cleaning up around the house in a more environmentally sensitive and health conscious way.