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My Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members interesting and useful information to support better health and wellness
National Healthy Weight Month and National Family Fit Lifestyle Month join together to help you get started on a new year and a new commitment to improved health and wellness. You'll also read about some effective motivators for weight loss and weight management, how to determine what your healthy weight range is and why the egg should be embraced, not avoided. It's all in your January newsletter along with some Thoughts from the Chair on giving yourself a break from your wellness routine.

It's Healthy Weight Month
And here are some ways to determine your healthy weight range
Although Body Mass Index (BMI) gets all the press, it has its limitations when it comes to determining body fat in adults. What else should you look at for a more accurate measurement? READ MORE

Six Motivators for Weight Loss and Weight Management
And while appearance counts, the most important one is all about your health
A lot of books have been written on the subject of motivation and the difference between what we supply ourselves and what influences us externally. But let's keep it simple. Here are six motivational tools you can use for reaching and maintaining your healthy weight range. READ MORE

The Egg and You
It's time to re-consider this amazing, natural and formerly-maligned food
There was a time when the egg suffered from a bad reputation with regard to cholesterol and associated health risk. But updated research over the past decade indicates that this relatively inexpensive, low calorie, (without the hollandaise sauce!) versatile and nutrient packed ovoid may be just about as close as we get to the perfect food. READ MORE

The Family That Just Sits Together Isn't Getting Fit Together
January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month
A family approach to a more fit and healthier lifestyle has benefits for everyone and here are some considerations, carried out family style, that can help both adults and children reach their goals and enjoy the process. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair: The Up Side of Down Time
We all can use a break, even if it means a brief change in our healthy routine
The lifelong pursuit of health and wellness can take a lot of focus, effort and commitment... so much that sometimes we need to experience the mental pleasure of backing off. Wellness Committee Chair Daniel Ballin shares what he learned on vacation about why it's a good idea to make sure you're not always stressing about better food and exercise. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
It's cold, it's overcast and it's winter. Time to reach for the sunscreen.
In this issue you'll find a reminder on how important it is to slather on the sunscreen even if you can't see the sun or feel its warmth. READ MORE