MHLbannersmallIt's a busy month in the healthcare world and we're on top of it.

Welcome to your May My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter, the online voice of My Healthy Lifestyle, a program designed to bring good information on health and wellness to all Riverside team members. Here in eastern Virginia, it's a time of lengthening, warming days and colorful blooms. From the standpoint of healthcare-related designations, May is a busy month. It's National Blood Pressure Awareness Month and also has two special weeks set aside for women's health and hospital recognition. And all three of these designations are worthy of our attention.

For that reason we've included some health helpful information about blood pressure in general as well as some of the "women only" issues related to hypertension – plus a look at some specific foods that can help you manage and prevent high blood pressure. You'll also get an update on the latest facility additions to the Riverside family of care, along with a tip from a Riverside employee on healthier – and tasty – ways to enjoy chicken. It's all here, along with an inspiring story from a Riverside team member at RWRH whose losing story was a winning entry.

Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will not only read it but respond to it. To submit comments and ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel Ballin at And you can also follow Daniel on Twitter @danob71 for more health-related information.