MHLbannersmallWelcome to Your May Newsletter
It's a busy month in the healthcare world and we're on top of it. 
May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month and also includes National Hospital Week and National Women's Health Week. Find out why high blood pressure is called "The Silent Killer" and why women have some extra considerations when it comes to hypertension. You'll also want to know why this year's celebration of hospitals is so special for Riverside team members and get an employee's tip about chicken. And don't miss the inspiring story of the MHL essay contest winner. READ MORE

In a Time of Tragedy, Exercise Can Be Healing
The physical and emotional benefits that come with fitness and health
The recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon will require a great deal of healing on an individual, a local community and a national level. Daniel Ballin's very personal and heartfelt reflection offers a sense of how exercise and the "fitness fraternity" can be part of the process. READ MORE

High Blood Pressure Has Been Called the "Silent Killer"
That's why it's important for you to be vocal
National Blood Pressure Awareness Month is a good time to speak out to your physician if you have any concerns about hypertension – and to make sure that you have your blood pressure checked and regularly monitored if there's a concern. Treatment is relatively easy but first you have to know your numbers! READ MORE

Why Blood Pressure Management Has Special Meaning for Women
The intersection of Women's Health Week and BP Awareness Month
Despite the historical connection between men and hypertension, nearly half of all adults with high blood pressure are women. And while hypertension isn't directly related to gender, there are some "women only" conditions and stages of life – from pregnancy to menopause – that can increase the risk. READ MORE

What You Eat Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure
Some specific (and delicious) foods that can help lower your blood pressure
The comprehensive DASH diet can help improve your health through a variety of measures. But what about some individual, specific foods that can make a difference in managing and preventing hypertension? READ MORE

National Hospital Week Has Special Significance for Riverside this Year
With the opening of the Pavilion and Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg there's a lot to celebrate
National Hospital Week is the time to recognize the contribution of hospitals to their communities and the contribution of people like you to those hospitals. This year, with the opening of the Pavilion at Riverside Regional Medical Center and Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg, the week takes on even more meaning. READ MORE

The Winning Entry in the MHL Contest
An inspiring story that leads to an inspiring evening with Jillian Michaels at the Ferguson Center
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital Supply Chain Technician Trey Carmine won the My Healthy Lifestyle essay contest with a story of losing weight and gaining a healthier body and a healthier outlook. His personal account won tickets to the Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour at the Christopher Newport University Ferguson Center for the Arts. Don't miss this inspiring story. READ MORE

We Are All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
All chicken is not created equal
In this issue you'll find some good reasons why it's simply better to keep chicken simple. If you have a tip that other team members can use, we'd all like to see it, so please share your health suggestions by sending them to Daniel Ballin, Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee. READ MORE