MHLbannersmallFebruary Is American Heart Month and My Healthy Lifestyle is responding with some heart healthy information
Welcome to the My Healthy Lifestyle online newsletter, designed to bring valuable information on health and wellness to all Riverside team members. This month's issue will remind you about heartFebruary being American Heart Month and why it's important to reduce the risks of heart disease every day of the year. Toward that objective you'll find some good information on heart healthy exercise as well as some fascinating exercise facts, a Riverside Registered Dietitian's recipe for reducing cardiovascular risk that includes more than food ingredients, the scoop on salt and how so much of it gets into our food – along with some tasty, flavorful sodium substitutes you can use with a wide range of food. You'll also learn from a fellow employee about how small steps, especially when they head upward, can bring more physical activity into your daily routine.

Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will not only read it but respond to it. To submit comments and ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel Ballin at And you can also follow Daniel on Twitter @danob71 for more health-related information.