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Adding PINK to October's fall colors
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Riverside is the proud sponsor of a range
of ways to celebrate and support the cause. In this issue you'll also find special balance exercises, some good ideas on trading out certain foods for healthier alternatives, and some thoughts about National Food Day. And be sure to see the employee tip on exercising outside as the daylight hours diminish. READ MORE

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
And there are quite a few opportunities to show your support
While there's an extensive range of efforts, nationally and around the world, directed toward breast cancer research, treatment and awareness it just might be that the most important resource comes from you. And Riverside is proud to sponsor some events that welcome your participation. READ MORE

The All Yolk Omelet: One Man's Approach to Dietary Change
Daniel Ballin talks about his evolving diet and its impact on his health
We've been conditioned over the years to think that the all egg white omelet is a healthier alternative to keeping the yolks in. Find out why Daniel Ballin, chair of the My Healthy Lifestyle Committee, refutes that claim as he continues to move toward a diet that includes fewer grains and more healthy fats. READ MORE

October 24th is Food Day
So what are you going to eat?
It's only the third annual Food Day but already it's raising awareness about the value of improved school lunches, eating locally, eating "real" and more regarding a healthier diet and a more sustainable food supply. READ MORE

Make the Trade
Some food swaps that offer a healthier and delicious alternative
Mushroom burgers and zucchini in your guacamole may sound a little strange but the good taste may surprise you and the calorie saving and other health benefits are definitely worth considering. READ MORE

Three Variations on a Balancing Act
A modular exercise you can do now that will pay dividends as you grow
Fear of falling and getting injured may not be high on your list of concerns right now. But exercises that can improve your balance can go a long way in keeping you safer at any age. Here are some you can try in progression. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
Stay Bright When the Daylight Hours Decrease
In this issue, you'll find some thoughts on how to be safe and more motivated when you exercise outdoors in the waning light of winter. READ MORE