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The benefit of keeping a food journal, how you can get rid of some bad habits without losing the friends who may contribute to them, the need to work harder on your fitness goals when the season and the weather conspire against you, and why an annual wellness exam can help you save a lot more than healthcare premium costs. It's all in your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter. READ MORE

Reduced Health Plan Premiums Looked Like a Good Way to Save Money
But Riverside employee Deb Wilson found that her wellness exam may have helped her save a lot more
As an EMT working in the Riverside Regional Medical Center Emergency Department, Deb Wilson knew how important it was to move fast and decisively. After Deb completed her wellness exam as part of her Riverside health plan, her experiences with quick action became vitally important on a very personal level. READ MORE

Looking for What May Be the #1 Tip for Weight Loss?
Start a food and exercise journal
Successful weight loss is a numbers game – calories in and calories expended – so it's vitally important to keep an accurate and honest account of your consumption and the exercise you use to help burn it off. Fortunately, there are a number of tools and resources that can help you get started. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair
If it's something good – and good for you – it's worth the work
As fall moves quickly to winter, Daniel Ballin, the Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee, offers some thoughts on the difficulty of staying motivated during this season's shorter and colder days, and why you may have to work even harder to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. READ MORE

Get Physical over the Holidays
Helpful tips on enjoying the season and getting in some exercise, too
That very special time that comes with the holiday season often means that there is less time for some of the activities – like exercise and more thoughtful eating – that keep us healthier and more fit during the rest of the year. So how do you enjoy the best of both worlds? READ MORE

Can We "Catch" Bad Lifestyle Choices from our Friends?
Research shows some habits can spread from one person to another
Extensive research indicates that some of our undesirable behaviors, like too much eating and drinking, may be increased by the company we keep. The good news is we can keep our friends while we lose our bad habits. READ MORE

We Are All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter now offers employee-to-employee suggestions on health, wellness, and healthier lifestyles
If you have a tip that other team members can use we'd all like to see it, so please share your health suggestions by sending them to Daniel Ballin, Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee. This month you'll find a helpful reminder about the importance of eating a good breakfast before you start your day. READ MORE