MHLbannersmallThe holiday season is approaching and some good information from your online newsletter is close at hand

Welcome to your November My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter, the online voice of My Healthy Lifestyle, a program designed to bring good information on health and wellness to all Riverside team members. If you're wondering how you and your attempts at better eating habits are going to get through the holidays you'll find some good tips on what and how much to put on your plate. On a related weighty subject, you'll also see some thoughts on why the value of exercise goes beyond its benefits for weight loss as well as a healthy tip from a fellow employee. In addition, find out more about why some of the basic elements of Integrative Medicine make sense for everyday life. All this plus news about your Health Plan and some relaxing ideas on reducing stress.

While some of this information is offered directly in your online newsletter, you'll also find links you can access for more details. Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will not only read it but respond to it. To submit comments and ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel Ballin at And you can also follow Daniel on Twitter @danob71 for more health-related information.