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My Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members a wide range of interesting and useful information to support better health and wellness.
Healthy tips from fellow employees, the personal financial costs of smoking, the delicious story on the Mediterranean Diet and a Riverside employee's personal story on the importance of an annual wellness exam. It's all in your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter. And don't miss reading about an organization that's looking to revolutionize how people manage diabetes. READ MORE

A Personal Reflection on the Benefits of the My Healthy Lifestyle Program
You just might save more than you can imagine
As a member of the My Healthy Lifestyle Program Committee, Dean Luther, has some thoughts to share on the financial incentives of the program. As someone who may have avoided a potential health problem through his annual wellness exam, he's also sharing the most important benefits of a regular visit with your PCP. READ MORE

You Don't Have to Travel to Take Advantage of the Mediterranean Diet
Lower blood pressure and other health benefits are on the table with this delicious and easy approach to food and cooking
The Mediterranean diet puts a strong emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and reduced saturated fats. It's been the basis for a healthier lifestyle for thousands of years and everything you need is right here in southeastern Virginia. It's time to learn more about very good food that's very good for you. READ MORE

You May Be Fit, But Are You Healthy?
It's an important distinction and it can make a big difference in your life
The recent 2012 Olympics in London gave us quite a few examples of what it means to be fit with regard to some specific skills and performance. But how healthy were the athletes on display and what's your personal balance between being fit and being healthy? Chair of the Riverside Employee Wellness Committee, Daniel Ballin, offers an overview and some personal insights. READ MORE

The Monetary Costs of Smoking
How smoking damages a smoker's finances as well as his or her health
The health costs related to smoking are a heavy weight for society but there's also a financial downside on the personal level. See what it costs to smoke in our state by the day, the week, the month and the year. And the cost of the cigarettes is just the beginning. Smokers pay more for everything from cleaning and dental bills to car insurance and life insurance and they get less resale value for cars and homes.

And the Winners Are ….
Riverside team members are winning wellness prizes each week
Everyone who completed his or her 2012 Physical Exam Verification Form and sent it to our Health Advocate partner is automatically registered for a weekly drawing for wellness-oriented prizes as well as for a special grand prize. Here are the latest lucky winners. READ MORE

Recently Developed Organization for People with Diabetes Helps Improve Awareness, Fitness and Self-esteem
Insulindependence can be a game changer in the area of diabetes self-management
Individuals with Type 1 diabetes (requiring regular insulin intake) have often faced limitations in their ability to take part in certain physical activities. Insulindependence, a national organization with a local chapter, is helping to break down the barriers for those with Type1 and Type 2 diabetes by offering new programs and approaches. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter now offers employee-to-employee suggestions on health, wellness and healthier lifestyles
If you have a tip that other team members can use we'd all like to see it, so please share your health suggestions by sending them to Daniel Ballin, Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee. In this issue you'll find a helpful tip on making sure you get a nutritious start to your day, especially if you're NOT a morning person. READ MORE

Ride Your Bike, Watch Some Sports, Do a Little Yard Work, Get a Prostate Screening
All good choices for Saturday the 8th, but only one of them can save your life.
Prostate exams probably don't top the list of things you want to do, but regularly scheduled prostate screenings are an important way for men over the age of 40 to take charge of their health. READ MORE