Get HealthyHow can you save money on your health insurance and improve your health at the same time? By being part of the My Healthy Lifestyle program that gives you the opportunity to save up to $600 on your health insurance premium during 2013 and health plan incentives beyond. My Healthy Lifestyle is open to everyone at Riverside and offers special incentives to everyone who has health plan insurance benefits through Riverside Health System and also includes covered spouses.

The program centers on developing a wellness plan with your primary care provider and then reaching certain health and wellness goals for the year. As part of an important tool for your long-term health, the program encourages you to develop a "medical home," a term that describes the strong and ongoing relationship between you and your PCP and other healthcare providers, designed to help you achieve and maintain better health. This in-person relationship between you and your doctor is strengthened by activities and online resources that can help you build a healthier future – including the healthy information offered in your Get Healthy online newsletter.

Don't miss the chance to raise your potential for better health while you lower your health insurance costs.

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