About Us

About Us

Imagine that the types of quality-of-life, health and wellness services offered by the leading retirement communities in our region were now available in your own home. Now imagine a more comprehensive and more cost-effective option to long-term care insurance. ChooseHome offers both, at a level of affordability that might surprise you based on the high quality of the resources provided.

For individuals age 60 and older, ChooseHome brings the individualized resources you need to continue living safely and comfortably in your home for as long as you possibly can, through programs and services that can help you enjoy a familiar environment without adding to the responsibilities of family and friends. Simply put, you can stay in your home, enjoy its many memories and continue its traditions, while looking forward to the future.

Our members can rest assured that they have access to the largest network of services for older adults in Eastern Virginia, provided through Riverside Health System, and are joining a program powered by At Home Partners, a partnership of RIverside and Williamsburg Landing, who together have more than 100 years of experience coordinating quality services for older adults.

ChooseHome takes the stress out of finding the best living environment as your needs evolve over time. As a result, you have the opportunity to remain in your home with all the resources you need - plus the assistance of a Personal Services Coordinator -- while you also plot a course for long-term care you can count on and control.

A new idea for a long-standing need

The Commonwealth of Virginia recently passed legislation allowing for the development, licensing and regulation of "community-based continuing care" programs, also known as "life care at home" or "continuing care at home" programs.

After active involvement on the part of the people it's intended to serve, ChooseHome was approved to be the first community-based, in-home continuing care program in Virginia.

As a Riverside membership program, complete with all the built-in support of a major health system recognized for its unequaled commitment to older adult services, ChooseHome offers you peace of mind knowing that higher levels of care and a more appropriate living situation are available to you if and when they are needed.

Learn more about ChooseHome Services as well as the Membership Options available with this new program.

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