The Staffing Resources Center helps Riverside align and optimize labor resources across the health system by creating a pool of qualified and experienced staff. The valuable team members who are part of our systemwide labor pool help us supplement current staffing during times of recruitment, leave or other temporary staffing needs. Current Riverside team members are also eligible to become part of the pool and pick up shifts in other Riverside locations. When you become a part of Staffing Resources, you may be eligible for premium pay and flexible self-scheduling. Team members with a primary Riverside job with Staffing Resources will have a mandatory commitment of 24 hours perĀ four-week schedule period.

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Current Opportunities

Following is a list of opportunities available through our systemwide labor pool:

Certified Nursing Assistant/Universal Care Partner (UCP)
Our Universal Care Partners float to PACE participant's homes. PACE is a division of Riverside Health System committed to enhancing life for older adults by providing compassionate, quality care and services. If you have one year experience with the elderly population and would like to make a difference in someone's day, the Universal Care Partner position with Staffing Resources is the position for you!

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Registered Nurses
Registered Nurses can now join our systemwide labor pool to sign up for available shifts at our Acute Care facilities. This option is available to externally hired staff as well as currently employed Riverside team members. To show our gratitude and appreciation, current eligible Registered Nurses will receive a premium rate when they float.

Licensed Practical Nurses
If you have at least one year of experience, join our systemwide labor pool and discover first-hand the exciting and innovative programs we're launching in our Lifelong Health and Aging Related Services Division. From our household model of care to in-home technology, we're exploring every avenue possible to help us all maintain our independence and control our destiny as we age. When you want a change of pace, you can explore opportunities at our Riverside Medical Group practices.

Opportunities in our Medical Group Practices

More information
For more information about the available opportunities or Staffing Resources, please contact Morgan.

Morgan Knowles
Recruitment Specialist, Staffing Resources
(757) 534-5070