Riverside Medical Group's free monthly lecture series, The Doctor Is In is an excellent opportunity to get reliable, up-to-date information on a variety of health topics and issues. But if you can't be at the Patrick Henry Mall for these interesting discussions, we now have the next best thing. The Doctor Is In health lectures are videotaped so you can see them wherever you and your computer happen to be.

We'll miss you at the mall. But at least you won't miss these valuable health lectures.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dr. Kyle Allen, board-certified in geriatric medicine and the medical director of Riverside's Lifelong Health Division, talks on "The Free Annual Wellness Visit: Building a Stronger Relationship with Your Doctor."  Dr. Allen, a nationally-recognized leader in providing care for aging adults, will discuss the Medicare's free Annual Wellness Visit (AWV); how it fits into your overall approach to care; and how it can improve the physician/ patient relationship.The AWV is most certainly a benefit that can be important to you or someone you know who's 65 or older.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr. John McGee, orthopaedic surgeon, talks on "Total and Partial Knee Replacement: What You Should Know." In this discussion you will hear the latest information in the area of knee replacement options including the difference between a total and a partial knee replacement, the advantages of partial knee replacement and what you can expect after knee replacement surgery.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Johns Hopkins fellowship-trained cardiologist, Dr. Andrew Burton, talks on "Straight from the Heart: What's New in Heart Disease Prevention." Dr. Burton covers the top lifestyle approaches to a healthier heart including why it's important to find exercise and activity you actually enjoy instead of try to avoid. He also discusses why you should know your cardiovascular risk factors, what health screenings can tell you about your heart health as well as what to ask and talk about when you're discussing prevention with your doctor.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Board-certified and fellowship-trained urologist, Dr. Scott Burgess, talks on "Update on Urology: Advances in Procedures and Treatment." Dr. Burgess, a regional leader in the field of robotic-assisted surgery, provides the latest information on urology including the relationship between urologic disorders and aging, the benefits of minimally-invasive robotic surgery for prostate cancer and other urology-related conditions, the newest surgical techniques and drug treatments, and improved methods of managing urinary incontinence, prostate and bladder cancer, erectile dysfunction and urinary tract disorders.