Aging and Dementia -Roadmap to a healthier brain

Over the last twenty years, there has been significant progress in our understanding of normal and pathological aging of the brain. Dr. Adel Aziz will introduce some of these developments and how we can utilize them to optimize brain health.

Learn directly from Dr. Adel Aziz, a fellowship trained neurologist with specialization in various types of dementia. He will be available live to answer your questions!

Facebook Live Logo Only Event • Online audience can ask questions live

Missed Scopes, Scans and Stool: Modern Advances in Colon Cancer?

You can still view it on our Facebook page!

Specialist William Hackworth, M.D. talked about the newest approaches and their differences in diagnosing colon cancer and other diseases.

These free lectures will continue throughout the year the first Thursday (in-person & on Riverside Peninsula's Facebook) and third Thursday (only Facebook Live Logo) every month. This series will be in Newport News and available online, offering education and open discussion on a wide range of health topics for everyone.

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