Thankful for “Small-Town Doctors” after Prostate Cancer

September 1, 2015 was the beginning of what Shacklefords, Virginia native Don Walton called “a double whammy” in his life. He was almost finished restoring his century-old home, originally the home place of his great grandparents, when one night he was awakened to the sight of flames roaring around him. Though he escaped without injury, Don’s home burned completely to the ground as a result of a malfunctioning AC window unit. “I lost everything I had,” he says. “I had to pick my life up and start from scratch.” Read More >


A little help makes a big difference

Winters are long in Rhode Island and usually cold. Really cold. So once Joe and Kathy Rozpad retired and moved from the family home into an apartment, they began spending the winter months in Florida. But when spring returned, so did they. Rhode Island was home, and they loved the long summer evenings, the colorful falls, the ocean breezes and their many friends. But when Joe’s health began to fail, neither he nor Kathy were able to get out as much as they used to. After Joe died, Kathy knew that despite the comfort of familiar places, it was time for a move, especially with one of her daughters living in Virginia and the other in North Carolina. Read More >


Patient Story: This can’t be happening to me

At the time I had the stroke I was 38 years old. I exercised regularly. I ate a well-balanced diet. I didn't have the kind of behaviors that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. I had some stress with my job in advertising and the usual challenges that come with raising two young teenagers. But my overall health was good. Right up until the moment I had a stroke. Read More >


The Snowstorm that Saved a Life

We've all had one of those strange convergences at one time or another. Those moments when unrelated or unforeseen events come together to transform how things turn out, taking us from what might have been to what actually happened. Some people call it fate or chance or happenstance. Some see it simply as a random occurrence while others believe it to be divine intervention. Whatever it is, Joe Downing experienced it on a cold and snowy day in February of last year. And this is how it happened. Read More >


Choosing Home for the Future

When Frank "Fritz" Ober and his wife, Kathleen "Kit," traded their lifetime home in New England for one in Williamsburg's Ford's Colony in 2004, their intentions were clear.

As golfers and lovers of the outdoors, they fell in love with the mild climate. The fair cost of living made smart sense for the now older adults—Fritz is 78 and Kit is 76. As retired professionals—Fritz an attorney and Kit a homemaker, volunteer and editor to a variety of authors—they wanted to live near a college where they could continue learning. They do that now as part of the Christopher Wren Association at the College of William & Mary. Read More >


Patient Story: Ronald Has Time to Enjoy Life

"I don't have a family history of heart disease but it still happened to me. Before heart surgery, I ran and rode my bike regularly. I weighed 180 pounds, and my cholesterol was low. I've never smoked and ate fish three times a week. Overall, I was healthy with no signs of heart disease. In fact, I aced a recent stress test. Now, at age 57, I'm part of the "zipper club." Read More >


Patient Story: Theresa's Life is Back to Good

"In December 2009, I was on the floor in the living room filling Christmas goodie bags for my family. I went to get up and couldn't move. I couldn't even crawl over to the sofa to pull myself up, something I often do when I play with my grandchildren on the floor. I called my husband Sal to get me a tissue because my nose was also running. When he came into the room, he took one look at my face and said he was calling the ambulance because he could tell I was having a stroke." Read More >


Patient Story: Ann Breathes Easier

"When I was a teenager, smoking was glamorous. People would tell you it was bad for you, but never why it was bad. Even so, we smoked. Now, I know why smoking is bad and wish I had never smoked. Maybe I wouldn't have Emphysema. My father smoked right up to the day he died from Emphysema at age 58, some 41 years ago. I was a fool to continue smoking after that, but I did." Read More >


Patient Story: John's Remarkable Recovery from Peritonitis

"I always had my routine colonoscopies but nothing prompted the doctors to think my colon was about to rupture and that I would develop peritonitis. I had an elevated white blood cell count, diverticulitis and pain in my joints that persisted for some time.

In June, I became suddenly ill, disoriented and not myself. My wife took me to the ER at Riverside in Newport News at 7 a.m. I was admitted and my wife called Dr. Marshall Cross who immediately came to Riverside to assess my condition. He performed abdominal surgery on me that morning. Read More >