Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery - What to Expect

Catching the windMany people find that the weight comes off quickly during the first few months after bariatric surgery. However, the pace of weight loss will likely slow down. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not losing weight as fast as you had hoped. With the right tools, habits, and support, you can get there.

Regardless of the procedure you have, we encourage you to set realistic goals for yourself, including goals around exercise, weight loss, and food choices. You may not be able to start an exercise regimen immediately and you may not always make the best food choices. That’s okay. By having bariatric surgery, you’re making a lifelong commitment to your health. Establishing a healthy lifestyle takes time.

Create small goals that are meaningful to you, like walking two miles or making a better food choice at your next meal. Then, celebrate your weight loss success.

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