Lawrence's Story

Lawrence"I have changed my thinking from that is impossible to anything is possible!"

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, but when I quit smoking two years ago, I gained a large amount of weight very quickly. Once I began researching gastric bypass surgery, I learned that I had Type II Diabetes, low testosterone, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and needed a stent put into my heart. But beyond the medical diagnoses, I just didn't feel good—I struggled with hopelessness, feeling useless and generally not wanting to do much of anything. 

After visiting another center, I ultimately chose Riverside Weight Loss Specialists because they were willing to work with my schedule and were tremendously supportive throughout the entire process. I underwent a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and spent three days in the hospital. The initial recovery was uncomfortable, but the staff at Riverside Regional Medical Center was tirelessly caring and professional.

Today, my energy level blows my mind. I'll check my watch and realize I've been working on the house or in the yard for eight hours or more! It's like a classic Mustang, though—you have to learn how to control all that power. Thanks to an enhanced ability to focus and a newfound optimism, my job performance has skyrocketed so much that my superiors have noticed and redefined my professional future.

I have lost 75 pounds since the surgery and expect to lose more, but the weight loss is only one piece of the puzzle. I feel better all around and now see potential in areas such as my career and plans for retirement with my wife. My previous mentality was dictated by the assumption that I would be too tired and unmotivated to finish what I started, so why even bother. Now, I want to take on new projects and know that I will have the energy, creativity and determination to finish them.

My advice to anyone considering surgical weight loss is to not spend time worrying about what you're giving up. Trust me, you won't miss it! Believe in the process. If you are a good candidate, don't put it off.

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