Jennifer's Story

Jennifer"I was sick of being inhibited. Now, I crave adventure!"

I've always had issues with my weight. Once I finished school and began working 80 hours a week, I gained more weight and my health suffered as a result. I had joint pain and debilitating back pain that prevented me from walking more than a few blocks at a time.

When I decided to leave my job and return home, I was ready to make a complete lifestyle change. I recruited my mom and together we enrolled in Riverside's Medical Weight Loss program. Unlike other programs that lectured me and talked down to me about my weight, the staff at the Riverside Weight Loss Center was supportive and non-judgmental. When I gained weight one week, the life coach immediately discussed the situation with the physician supervisor, who evaluated me and found the root of the problem. With a change in medication, I was able to break through that hurdle and stay on track.

I have lost 84 pounds since beginning the program. While the weight loss is nice, I really love feeling stronger and healthier all around. My back pain is completely gone, and on a recent trip to London I was able to walk 8-9 miles every day! Every small victory, like sitting in an airplane seat and buckling the seat belt with no problem, motivates me to keep going. I have surprised myself with just how much I am capable of: running 5k's, training for a triathlon and moving an oven around on a dolly.

I have confidence that I never expected and have discovered quite the adventurous streak now that I'm not inhibited by my weight. When I hit my goal, I am determined to go skydiving!

To those considering a medical weight loss program, make sure you're 100% committed. My mom and I have also realized the importance of having a support system surrounding you and encouraging you. And don't forget to have FUN!

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