Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Here are the stories of our patients—people just like you—who found the courage and determination to make a change. Want to know what happened next? We'll let them tell you.

Marie's Story – Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Marie lost 75 pounds and her health has improved dramatically. "I don't want to sit on the side any more. I want to get up and go for it!" Read more.

Lawrence's Story – Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Lawrence has lost 75 pounds so far and has a new outlook on his life and career. "Now, I want to take on new projects and know that I will have the energy, creativity and determination to finish them." Read more.

Gregory's Story - Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Gregory has lost 130 pounds. With the help of Riverside Weight Loss Specialists, it was a smooth transition to a healthier, more active life. Read more. 

Robert's Story - Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Robert has lost 137 pounds and didn't realize all the ways his weight had affected his life. "I avoided being in photos or on camera. Not anymore. I couldn't be happier with my results." Read more.

Terry D.'s Story - Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Terry D. has lost 121 pounds and experienced "complete physical and mental transformation" as a result of her weight loss. Read more

Terry M.'s Story - Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Terry M. lost 40 pounds in four months and is inspired to reach for her dreams. "I want to advocate to others to live their life to the fullest." Read more

Mary's Story* - Surgical Weight Loss Participant
Mary lost 98 pounds and has more energy than every before, which makes it easy to say good-bye to the junk. "I don't miss all the food and soda like I thought I would. What I've gained is so much greater." Read more.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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