Braces and Supports

Your doctor may recommend that you use a brace or support for a few hours each day to help your back or neck.

Short-term neck immobilization

 A soft collar may help relieve pain by taking pressure off the structures in your neck. Rather than use it continuously, to prevent your neck muscles from becoming weak due to lack of use, you may be instructed to use it for just a few hours a day.

Back brace

Many back braces (lumbar supports) are available without a prescription at pharmacies and medical supply stories. Your doctor may prescribe a specific, customized brace for your back. A brace supports your abdomen taking some of the load off your lower back, restricting motion and improving posture. It may make movement less painful during episodes of acute back pain. Because of concerns that the muscles supporting your spine may lose strength through lack of use, if you use a brace, it should be used intermittently a few hours per day.


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