Smokeless® - The Stop Smoking Program That Works!

Smokeless® is the stop smoking program that will have you off of cigarettes in only five days. The intensive program uses:

  • stress management
  • positive rewards and reinforcements
  • attitudinal transformation
  • food management
  • education
  • motivational tools, and
  • patented negative smoking techniques.

Best of all, Smokeless® curbs withdrawal discomfort and irritability while it controls your weight.

The Three Phases of Smokeless® Are Designed for Success

Introductory Phase
The Smokeless® program begins with a free introductory meeting. You will meet your instructor and receive details about Smokeless® - how it operates and how it will work for you. This meeting and the materials that you receive prepare you for the next phase of Smokeless®.

Skill Development Phase
In the second phase, called the Skill Development Phase, you will learn the patented techniques that allow you to quit smoking with little or no discomfort. During this phase, you will stop smoking for good.

Maintenance Phase
During the final phase, called the Maintenance Phase, you will learn additional techniques that will reinforce those learned in the Skill Development Phase. The Maintenance Phase will see you through your first weeks as a non-smoker guarding against a return to smoking and strengthening your ability to live without cigarettes.

Class Schedule
Smokeless® features a short and intensive schedule:

Introductory Phase – Wednesday evening, 6-7:00pm
Skill Development Phase – Monday - Thursday following the Introductory Phase, 6-7:00pm
Maintenance Phase – Monday, Wednesday, Monday following Skill Development Phase, 6-7:00pm

Registration / More Information
The program fee is $150 ($125 for Riverside employees). Payment is required at the Introductory meeting.  For additional information please contact Holly Hicks at (757) 875-7533 or (757) 875-7525.  The next class session will take place Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 6 PM.  All sessions will take place at Riverside Regional Medical Center in the Cafe Conference Room.

What Smokeless® Graduates Say

“I haven’t had a cigarette since the day I walked into Smokeless®. I really don’t believe I could have stopped smoking without the help of the program. I feel great about quitting and I only wish I could have taken a course like this about 30 years ago.”
Frank Franciforti, former 1 pack/day smoker for 30 years

“It feels like a miracle to me. I have wanted to quit for a long time and have tried to quit many times over the past 25 years. Each attempt brought more pain. Smokeless® worked for me with a minimum of discomfort. It feels so great to know that I am an ex-smoker.”

Doris Preisick, former 1 pack/day smoker for 28 years

“Smokeless® did it. After numerous attempts including hypnosis, we finally kicked the habit. They made it easy, comfortable and painless.”

Albert and Della Atias, former 3 pack and 2 pack/day smokers for 35 years.



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