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Patient Feedback

Every patient we serve, whether a neighbor from around the corner or a visitor from across the world, gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our high standard of expert medical care, topped by one of the elements we feel is most necessary for your quick recovery ... a smile.

We’d like to share some of the notes of thanks we’ve received and, in return, thank each of you for allowing us the privilege to serve.

Email received from a patient
"I just want to thank the Williamsburg staff for another great experience at MD Express. My 13 yr old son had a fever and sore throat for a few days and had a rash all over his torso when I got home from work last night. I ran him over to MD Express and we were in and out with prescription in hand in about an hour. As a single working mom, it is a huge help to be able to run one of my kids into MD Express when it is too late in the day to get into their regular doctor. My son was seen by Dr. Renforth last night, who has such a wonderful way with kids that my son talked about him the whole way home. Every other time we have been to MD Express, we have had similarly great experiences with the other doctors. The nurses and staff are also kind, helpful, and professional. I can't say enough great things about MD Express."

I wanted to thank Dr. Renforth for seeing me Tuesday, Aug. 24, for an eye issue. I was visiting Va. and flying home that evening to Lake Charles, La. I was in extreme pain and went to the clinic. He examined me and even lined up an appt. with an eye specialist, which I couldn't accept due to my flight. I wanted to let him know what the final diagnosis was, Iritis. The antibiotics he gave me prompted the healing and I am taking those and Pred-Forte. Thanks so much, Dr. Renforth, for researching and not just brushing it off as 'pink-eye". Very happy customer."

Email received from a patient
"I was treated for a corneal abrasion on June 3,2010 at your facility. Your staff were extremely professional. Michael Degrandpre explained what he was doing every step of the way. The discharge note was extremely helpful and the antibiotic drops were effective within 48 hours. MD Express in Williamsburg is a class 1 operation. Thank you."

Email received from a patient
"While visiting Colonial Williamsburg over the Memorial Day Holiday, an infection I thought I had overcome returned. I visited the MD Express. Staff was polite and service was quick. Dr. Rogowski sat down and patiently explained why my infection may have reoccurred. After returning home, I followed up with my primary doctor. I contacted MD Express and Jessica quickly and with no hassle faxed my visit info to my primary doctor. Today, Shelley from MD Express called to followup and see how I was feeling!!! WOW!!! I was a tourist. I may never return to the area but the staff at MD Express wanted to know how I was doing!!! That is above and beyond what I ever would have expected from an Urgent Care facility in a tourist location. KUDOS to Williamsburg MD Express and all the Staff."

Email received from a patient
"My 8 year old was exhibiting all the signs of a bladder infection. We ended up at MD Express because there was a 2 hour wait at another local type of urgent care facility. The wait time was 30 minutes. The doctor was very thorough. He tested her urine and ended up putting her on medicine. He also decided to send off a culture as an added measure. 24 hours later, the nurse followed up with a phone called to see how my daughter was doing and if I had any questions. She also said they would be calling with the lab results from the culture in the next few days. A day later, my daughter woke up with hives. She looked like she was having an allergic reaction to the medicine. We went back in and the doctor confirmed it was an allergic reaction. He gave her an antihistamine on the spot. He also checked to see if the original culture had come back, it had and it showed that it was negative for an infection. He said it was unnecessary to put her on a diffent antibiotic because the culture came back negative. Even though she had all the classic signs of infection, if that doctor had not sent the culture off to grow, we would have never known that there was no infection present. I was very pleased with their professionalism and the fact that they went a step further by doing a culture instead of just relying on the quick urine test. I would highly recommend them."

Email received from a patient
"I have a 4 year old that was sick and brought him into you guys. He has been having panic attacks when he goes to the DR. but, you all were great with him. It was the easiest Dr. visit we've had with him in a long time. We didn't have to wait long in either the waiting room or once we were in an exam room. Thank you so much for an easy vist."

Email received from a patient
"My 86 year old mother visited the Grafton clinic on Tuesday and, because of the results of initial lab work, her heart history and age, Dr. Javernick sent her to Riverside Hospital where she was admitted and evaluated. She is okay and now home. I appreciated his approach and concern, and also his efforts to keep the situation in perspective so that I was not unduly alarmed. Thanks very much!"

Email received from a patient
"Dr. Javernick, thank you so much for the superb and thorough care you gave me on Aug 20. You knew I was leaving on vacation in 4 days and went the extra mile to make sure all bases were covered for my symptoms. You even talked with my family doctor to coordinate tests. Thank you again."

Email received from a patient
"I just want to comment on the quality of care and professionalism that exists in your offices. I and my 2 sons have been patients in your Yortown facilty. With ech visit, there was a short waiting time, a caring personal greeting, professional attitudes, staff that appear to really enjoy their work, competent personnel in the treatment area, awesome physicians, and each time there was a follow-up call 3 days later. Your office should be a model to anyone operating public service. Great job....keep up the good work. Can't wait for your Newport News office to open."

Email received from a patient
"Yesterday, May 11, 2009, my friend Doris Gibson and I were in Williamsburg shopping from out of town. Doris started complaining about a pain in her sholder and back and I brought her in to your facility. I just want to thank you for your prompt attention. Everyone, Dr. Rogowski, Dusty and everyone else that attended her were so caring and really put her at ease. Much to her dismay, Dr. Rogowski sent her to Sentara Hospital and the staff there were just as kind and caring as you were. We just want to thank you for making an urgent situation pleasant. They did determine that she had a heart attack and are doing a catheterization today to check for blockages."

Email received from a patient
"I visited your location tonight in Williamsburg; the 1st time at one of your facilities. I just wanted to thank you for your quick, excellent service. All staff was extremely friendly and competant! I was recently with a family member at a different urgent care center and was very displeased with the long wait times (he had to have sev. rechecks) and the general attitudes of their staff. I will not only use your services for any future needs, but would strongly recommend your facilities to my friends and family. Thanks Again and keep up the great work!"

Email received from a patient
"Hi, I would like to say thank you to your Yorktown group. I have had serve acute pain from what i now know is a deviated septium, and blockages. Your staff has treated me for a year off and on with these problems and thanks because I took your advice and went to Dr. Queen and now he working to fix all my problems. Still not looking forward to having the surgery but i am looking forward to not having the pain anymore. Thank you for the excellent care and great advice. I took it and hopefully you wont need to see me anymore for a long time... Happy holidays and thanks again, you really made a differnce in my life..."

Email received from a patient
"I went to the Williamsburg office of MD Express on Monday night with a bad case of pink eye! The staff and PA were VERY nice and supportative and extremely efficient in handling me and my paperwork. AND they called to follow up on my progress. This place is great."

Email received from a patient
"I was seen at the Yorktown location by Keil Bluhm, PA-C. I have never received such excellent care in an emergent setting. Keil is compassionate and very knowledgable. Annette was my nurse and I was extremely impressed with her as well. The nursing staff provided excellent follow up of my test results. I will definitely use MD Express in the future and have recommended it to my family and friends."

Email received from a patient
"On Friday afternoon, June 6, I experienced an eye problem and came to MD Express to have it looked at. Dr. Rogowski did a thorough exam and recommended I see an opthalmologist the following week. The problem I went to MD Express for turned out to not be serious, but the eye doctor discovered a much more serious eye problem in both my eyes called closed-angle glaucoma which can result in blindness if not treated. I cannot express how grateful I am that Dr. Rogowski insisted on making an appointment for me the following week. This is the third time our family has used MD Express and every time we have been very pleased with the treatment and concern of the staff. Thank you so much for providing such top notch care!!"

Email received from a patient
"Sunday evening, April 6, 2008, my wife brought me to your Grafton office suffering from a severe pain in my belly and persistent nausea. Your staff did a splendid job of taking my symptoms, running various tests, and diagnosing my condition as being a bowel obstruction. Dr. Lawless started an iv and an antibiotic to deal with a urinary tract infection that he also discovered and he arranged for me to be taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room at Riverside Hospital. I had emergency surgery on April 9th to relieve a bowel obstruction, which was caused by an internal hernia. The operation went well, and I am now recuperating at my home. Thank you so much for your prompt, caring and superlative service. I will certainly recommend MD Express to anyone in need of immediate, high quality professional care."

Email received from a patient
"Thanks so much to Dr. Rogowski for your expert care given to our son while we were vacationing in Willamsburg the week of the 17th. I was afraid of what to expext when our son starting demonstrating signs of distress with his asthma. He is under care in Philadelphia, but being in an unfamiliar city, with no idea of who to ask for help was completely unnerving. After locating your practice and receiving your services, I can only say that I wish that your practice was closer to us! We appreciated your friendliness as well as your competent decisions about his treatment plan. We thank God that you were available to help us continue our vacation plans! God bless you and your practice!"

Email received from a patient
"I have been to MD Express 3 times, both the Williamsburg and Yorktown locations, and each time I have had a wonderful experience...minus the being sick part. Thanks & Keep up the good work!"

Email received from a patient
"I just wanted to thank the women who were working in the evening on 1-15-08 at the Williamsburg, VA location. They were so friendly and personable like my doctor who I have been seeing at home for years. The building also felt really clean and comfortable."

Email received from a patient
"I was in the office last night with my son and it's always stressful when going to the doctor's office with a toddler. From the waiting room to the excruciating screams from the poking and prodding - he has never been ok with a doctor. The moment we checked in I was pleased with the service and the stress was eased with the smiling front desk personnel. I thought the wait was going to be an hour+ but again, was pleased when we were called back in less than 10 minutes. The nurse was so nice to my son and made us feel like we had been there a hundred times before. The Doctor Lawless entered the room shortly after the nurse left (which never happens - that seems to always s be the longest wait at any doctor's office) and he was a better "pediatrician" than any of our pediatricians back home. My son actually just sat back and let the doctor do his job. We were so pleased with the care and attention of all the staff and greatly appreciate the hard work. Thank you, thank you for running a business the way a business should be run. So many doctors now a days are just doctors and don't realize they have paying customers. Your establishment cares and it shows. Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!"

Email received from a patient
"To Dr. Renforth & the staff at MD Express. I'm the zombo who came in yesterday afternoon with the boil over my right eye almost the size of a ping pong ball. I was in excruciating pain, and the procedure to lance and drain it was no less painful, but it's the next day now and I am very appreciative of your care. I'm doing better and I'm on the antibiotics, so hopefully this ugly thing will soon go away altogether. I'm glad I came to you instead of the ER. Thank you for your care."

Email received from a patient's parent
"I would like to thank and compliment Dr. Scott Crosby and the entire support staff at the Williamsburg Office for their prompt, professional and courteous attention to my daughter on July 28. They handled a very traumatic and potentially dangerous situation with great care and patience. In three visits to MD Express, Williamsburg, I have only positive experiences and positive results with their services. It's very comforting to know such a resource is nearby to handle emergency medical problems. Thanks again to Dr. Crosby, the nurses, and the administrative staff."

Email received from a CEO and president of an engineering firm in Maryland
Dear Dr. Renforth: On 3 July, our family made a visit to your practice for an injury our daughter received at a local [hostelry]. The laceration required several sutures. The professionalism, kindness and attentiveness to our daughter’s needs, were, bar none, totally professional. Your staff and practice should be the role model for other health care providers. Your staff displayed what many others seem to have somewhat lost: compassion for the patient and family-- and for that, I sincerely thank you and all your staff. Your phone call upon our return home in Maryland to check on our daughter was greatly appreciated. The offer still stands for a Washington Nationals’ game.”  

Postcard from a northern Virginia patient vacationing in the Outer Banks
“Dear Dr. Rogowski: Thank you so much for stitching up my toe last Tuesday on our way to the Outer Banks. What a wonderful experience we had at your MD Express. No waiting and you took Tricare [our insurance] and gave us birthday cake! Thank you so much. My husband could not say enough about our experience!  

Patient submission to The Last Word, reader comment column in the Virginia Gazette
“A huge thank you to Dr. Renforth and the staff at MD Express. They are truly outstanding. I took my elderly mother there recently with what I thought was her usual asthma problem. The staff treated her with dignity and respect, ran several tests and diagnosed her with a potential pulmonary embolism, which often is fatal. Dr. Renforth called the Emergency Room, and I raced her over there. The ER [gave] my mother a CT scan, which confirmed the pulmonary embolism. Cheers to MD Express”  

Email received by Dr. Rogowski on the MD Express website from a patient family in New York state.
“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the prompt and courteous service we received [in] June. We arrived at your office a little after 7 pm with our 19-month-old. We brought him in with a case of pink eye. Being several hundred miles from home, it is always a bit unnerving when something happens to your child. Your staff was very courteous. Thank you very much for the prompt care. When we arrived home, there was a message on our answering machine from your office asking how he was. By Thursday, his eye looked much better and though we continue with the drops for another day, there have been no further signs of the pink eye. Thank you again. Please relay to your staff our appreciation.”

Excerpt from a note from a patient from New Jersey
"Dr. Park and Staff: Thank you very much for all of your help. It is good to know that the medical care in Virginia is terrific. Deanna, thank you for being so kind and understanding during my procedure. . . ."

Note from a patient
Dear Clif, Susie, Gail and Dr. Park:
Greetings from the land of the quickly recovering! Thanks to all of you for your speed, competence, humor, warmth and for keeping me so clearly informed of everything that was going on every step of the way. I’d recommend you in a heartbeat."

Note from a patient
"Dear Dr. Renforth, Susie, Gail, Jackie, and everyone at MD Express:
I just wanted to say thank you again to all of the staff that was there on Saturday for their care and kindness while diagnosing my appendicitis. I might not have expressed it at the time, but I really appreciated everything you did. The surgery went well and I’m feeling much better now. Thanks again!"

Note signed by the patient, his wife and daughter
"Dear Dr. Rogowski, Janet and staff on Sunday: Thanks so much for taking such great care of my husband. Everyone was so gentle and caring . . . I have never seen such caring people and we really appreciated that. I’m sending some treats to you to show our appreciation. Thanks." 

Patient submission to The Last Word, a reader input column in The Virginia Gazette
I was referred to MD Express on Monticello Avenue last Friday night and was overwhelmed by the kind reception and quick friendly help I received with only a short wait before seeing the doctor. The nurse was helpful and nice. The doctor entered the examining room with a smile on his face and was very upbeat. He diagnosed my problems and wrote me a prescription. I have never been to an urgent care facility with so little waiting time or been treated with such a friendly, optimistic attitude by everyone I came into contact with. I received a follow-up call a couple of days later, still sick, and Nadine invited me back for a second checkup. I was treated exactly the same when I returned in daylight hours so I knew it wasn’t just because they weren’t busy that I had such a short wait to see the doctor . . . Thanks for making a "sick" time more bearable.”  

Note received from a student patient
“Dr. Rogowski: I would like to thank you and your staff for taking care of me this past month when I have seen you three times. Your enthusiasm and love for what you do are great and because of people like you, I’m inspired to keep working hard so one day I can become a physician too. Thank you for all that you do.”  

Card received from a patient from Frederick, MD
“To: Physician and all those working [Sunday in] February: On a recent vacation to Williamsburg, I needed medical attention. It is a little (well, maybe a lot) unnerving to be sick when you are miles away from your health provider. We found your info in the Williamsburg magazine—you were close and open early. Thank you so much for your attentive care. Everyone was so kind and helpful. How many people can say they had an X-ray in a former bank vault! I was also surprised to receive a follow-up call a few days later. While I hope I won’t need your services again, it is good to know you are there. Thank you again so much.”

Patient from Wildwood, NJ, who had attended a conference in Colonial Williamsburg
“Dear MD Express: Thank you so much for taking good care of me this past Monday. By Tuesday, I was much better and didn’t have to miss any of my conference. You were all so helpful and friendly!” ---from a postcard received 

Card from a patient’s family.

“Thanks so much! You and your staff are superb. We love you and thank you for guiding us to the path that provided us with peace of mind.”  

Letter to the Editor, reprinted as submitted that appeared in the Virginia Gazette
“Superb treatment. During the holidays, I had the good fortune to experience the truest form of hospitality and professionalism in your great city. While attempting to complete an adventure race being held on the same day as the snowstorm that raced through Virginia Beach and Newport News, I slipped on an icy patch and severely sprained my back. Although I was able to finish the race, that night and the next day I was barely able to walk.

Hobbling into MD Express Williamsburg Urgent Care two days later, I was hesitant about treatment from anyone but my hometown sports doctor in Atlanta. But it didn’t take long for my reservations to subside. From the moment I walked in, complete attention to my needs was provided by the entire team of MD Express personnel, from the front desk to the attending nurse to the radiologist and finally to Dr. Michael Rogowski.

In the past, I had avoided the typical medical clinics with reputations of filtering patients through their offices without a great deal of personal contact or consideration. My intention is not to critique express-type clinics, but rather to point out one that deserves special recognition.

Not only did I receive everyone’s undivided attention, I left feeling much better. I believe that being treated with sincere kindness and understanding gave me the encouragement to deal with my pain and discomfort. Of course, the medicine that Dr. Rogowski prescribed proved valuable in allowing me to complete our family vacation in Washington later in the week.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from several members of the MD Express Williamsburg Urgent Care team after my visit to inform me of the X-ray results as well as to inquire about my condition. Even my hometown medical team rarely goes to that length to check on my recovery progress.

This wonderful experience in your great city will remain with me and my family as a beacon of how genuine people help each other in their time of need, even if they are outsiders who happen to be visiting for a moment in time. This moment will have a lasting impact on me personally, based on the humanity and caring of the MD Express team.”  

The Last Word, Virgnia Gazette
"Dear Dr. Renforth: My wife and I want to thank you and your wonderful staff of nurses and receptionist for your care and treatment of her on New Year’s Eve. We, along with our relatives who live there in Williamsburg, were most happy and pleased with your care. It was both professional and yet personal. We genuinely sensed that you saw her case as important and your concern for us was evident. I’m sure you have visitors from out of town often since you are in a tourist area. Naturally when a person becomes ill away from home it is even more traumatic. With my wife being actively treated for a chronic illness, we found ourselves taking this trip in the small window of opportunity between treatments. It was of great concern to us, then, when she developed a high fever, something we are conditioned to deal with when she has her ongoing treatments. We were pleased that both you and your nursing staff were aware of the severity of this and knowledgeable of how to treat it. Thank you also for being willing to contact our family physician here in our home town. We would have wanted him to know of it and it was good that he could be consulted and be part of the process so he is aware as we continue treatment. Thank you too for the phone call we received after we returned to our home state. That was more than expected and greatly appreciated. Naturally, were we living there in Williamsburg, we would both use your services again and we would also recommend you highly."  from a letter received from the state of Pennsylvania
“Thanks to MD Express for needed medical attention I received on early Sunday morning after Christmas. It was the only emergency medical office open at that time. I had assistance from one of the most positive, uplifting, informative physicians I have had since living in Williamsburg for over 30 years. I do hope other residents are aware of this office and its efficiency. It is certainly a plus for Williamsburg to have a most gracious atmosphere for emergency care with competent, caring doctors and staff. Also, a follow-up call three days later to check on my progress was most appreciated. Thanks again to Dr. Rogowski.” 

Note received by mail at MD Express from a flu shot patient.
"Dear Friends at MD Express: I was one of the people who came to get a flu shot on October 7th. I simply want to say that your staff handled the situation in an extremely organized way and with great kindness. One of your doctors even supplied me with a bottle of water. Since receiving my flu shot at your office, I have heard and read about other clinics who haven’t handled similar situations nearly as well as you did. I just wanted you to know that my husband and I appreciate your service to this community.”  

The Last Word, Virginia Gazette
On October 7, our clinic gave over 300 flu shots in one day and many patients stood line for hours. We do not characteristically keep a patient waiting, but we do not usually have 300 patients on one day. We offer our sincere gratitude to those patients who waited with good humor and understanding and to our staff whose efforts were extraordinary. We are pleased to have been able to provide 500 flu shots to the community in that season of shortage.

“Kudos to the staff at MD Express for taking care of last Thursday’s stressful flu shot situation. The employees handled the crowd with grace and professionalism. We got our shots, and we appreciate their service.” 

Note received from a patient
“I just want to thank your staff for the wonderful care I received July 17th when I came in. Everyone was so helpful and kind. Helping watch my 2 children while I had X-rays topped it all. I feel great and appreciate all you did. Thanks.”  

Note received from a patient
My daughter was in to see you earlier this week for an eye injury. I want to thank you and the nurses who were working that night; you made her feel at ease when she had been fearful and in considerable pain. I was immediately impressed with your efficiency and the very personable staff. Should the need for urgent care arise with my family, we’ll dash to MD Express without question.”

The Last Word, Virginia Gazette
Recently returning very sick from a business trip, and at the urging of a fellow worker, I went immediately to MD Express. I was assured they accepted almost all forms of insurance, was moved directly to an exam room where all vital signs were taken, and was immediately seen by Dr. Chan Park. X-rays, an EKG, lung treatments, shots and medication were all necessary as he confirmed pneumonia. Dr. Park, Nurse Sharon, X-ray tech Jim and the reception staff must be commended for their comprehensive care, professional competency and personal caring. Please consider this medical facility for your own urgent care medical needs—they certainly handled mine!”  

Note received from a patient
Hello MD Express: I just wanted to thank Dr. Rogowski and all the nurses for such great care and concern. I was there on my first day of vacation when I sprained my ankle very badly... Thank you again and the best of luck with your new place.”