Nipple tingling: A cause for concern?

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Nipple tingling: A cause for concern?


For several months, I have had a mild tingling sensation in my right nipple. It is very annoying. What would cause this?



The most likely explanation for the tingling sensation that you describe is irritated nerve endings or pulled ligaments in the area of the nipple. Newly pregnant women and nursing mothers often experience a similar sensation. Also, sexual stimulation will produce a tingling sensation that is short-lived. For most women, nipple tingling is a temporary annoyance and not a health concern. Unfortunately, there are no specific treatments for this symptom.

However, if you have nipple tingling associated with a newly inverted nipple or new nipple discharge or pain, skin changes or a lump, consult your doctor. These can be signs of a serious underlying condition, such as cancer.

Last Updated: 12/27/2005
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