Stress management in the face of change

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Stress management in the face of change

Stress management — Stick with your stress busters when life changes trigger stress.

You've started yoga, learned how to say no to some of the demands on your time and taken up an enjoyable hobby. You've gotten your stress under control, and your family life and work life are well-balanced. With your stress management plan in action, all seems well with the world.

And then it all changes. You've been charged with reorganizing your department at work. Your son's been skipping school. Your dad's health takes a turn for the worse. The road you drive every day closes for construction.

These kinds of life changes are inevitable and normal. When they occur, though, they can threaten to derail your success at stress management, which, in turn, can affect your health. Here are some ways to handle stress management in the face of change.

Revisit your favorite stress management techniques

When stress comes back into your life, it's important to get it under control again as quickly as possible, before full-blown stress and chaos erupt. Revisit the stress management techniques you've used in the past. Review which stress management techniques worked well for you before. And take note of which ones didn't work well for you.

Then put your successful stress management techniques into practice again. The techniques may include:

  • Re-prioritizing work goals and tasks
  • Making sure to carve out time for physical activity every day
  • Not skipping meals or resorting to fast food
  • Delegating household chores to other family members
  • Taking short breaks to practice relaxed breathing or muscle relaxation
  • Putting a positive spin on negative thoughts

These simple but important stress management techniques can help you restore a sense of calm and peace of mind.

Last Updated: 01/10/2007
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