fun Do you like to help others? Do you take pride in your Riverside facility or practice?
Do you enjoy the thrill of competition?

Then get ready to join forces with Riverside team members in your region and "Fun-Raise" for Fundraising! During the month of July the region with the highest percent participation will be named the Team Member Annual Giving Champions and be awarded a traveling trophy. All team members, providers and volunteers count. If you work or volunteer for Riverside You Count towards your region's participation! The winning participating region will be announced at the end of the Campaign during the "Lucky Bucket Challenge"!

>> Watch Dr. Adcock's bucket jam (video)

What's the Lucky Bucket Challenge?

It's our version of the Ice Bucket Challenge except:
You vote for the nominee you want to get dumped!

What's lucky about that?

The winners from each region choose a number corresponding to a bucket BUT they have no idea what is in the bucket they choose.

Cotton Balls = Lucky, Ice Cream Sundae = Not Lucky, Confetti = Lucky, Ice Water = Not Lucky

Your donation earns you 1 vote - So Donate Today!

And the nominees are…

Eastern Shore:

  • John Peterman, Vice President/Administrator
  • Aaron Gentry, Coordinator Materials Management
  • Jessica Smith, Office Manager, RMG
  • Tracy Joynes, Environment Services

Middle Peninsula:

  • Bob Bryant, Senior VP LLH
  • Gregg Shivers, MD, Medical Director LLH Middle Peninsula
  • Richard Crowder, MD (retired), RWRH Board Chairman
  • Megan Kleckner, VP/Administrator RWRH


  • Eric Stone, MD, Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Faye Gargiulo, Vice President, Research and Discovery, Foundation Philanthropy, and Physician Development
  • Kyle Allen, MD, Vice President, Geriatric Medicine and Lifelong Health


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Below are some fun fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get your team excited!!

Compliment Grams: Sell balloons or note cards with compliments inside and deliver to co-workers.

Dunk Tank: Department directors and administrators agree to get dunked. Team members pay for each ball.

Tricycle Races: Contenders get donations to sponsor them in a tricycle race around the building. The winner gets a trophy.

Change for Change: Conduct a change for change drive. As a part of the drive, give all of the Leadership Team a bucket with their picture next to it. Any coins add to the total amount and dollar bills take away from total. Leadership that raises the least has to complete a funny challenge -wear a wig for the day, swap jobs, pay for lunch, etc.

Bail Me Out: Handcuff two willing fundraisers and let them lose when they raise "bail".

Reverse Raffle: Team members get a raffle ticket and sell it back for $5 to avoid getting their name drawn to do something embarrassing.

Office Olympics: Team members make a donation and divided into competing teams. Some ideas include a putting contest, paper football game, elastic band firing contest, fastest tie-tieing contest, office chair races, or the longest paperclip chain in 15 seconds. The team who wins the most events wins the Olympics! Have a closing ceremony to present medals or prizes.

Skunk Your Co-Workers: A stuffed skunk is placed on desks. If the skunk appears on your desk, it will only go away if you make a donation, You can avoid being skunked if you purchase anti-skunk insurance at the beginning of the competition.