Riverside recognized FOAA Anesthesia for their $150,000 gift to support remarkable care.

Pictured from left to right: Jerry Allen, Justin Crain, Eric Stone, MD, Mike Doucette, Vince Vilasi, MD, Gwen Hartzog, Dwayne Blake

The Need: One of the more common misconceptions related to health care is that private or public medical insurance, along with payments made directly by patients, cover all of the costs associated with operating a large not-for-profit medical center like Riverside Regional. In fact, because of its mission statement, Riverside Regional Medical Center provides significant amount of uncompensated care for patients who lack adequate insurance coverage or appropriate financial resources to pay for needed services.

Along with changes in the way health care is paid for, this new era will include a sizable investment in clinical and health information technology as well as new equipment and programs, all directed toward meeting the health care reform goals of better health, better care and lower costs.

As hospitals look to new strategies to address these financial needs and fulfill their mission to the community, grants, philanthropic contributions and other forms of giving will take on even greater importance. In addition to partnering with local and regional organizations and initiatives to provide a wide range of health, wellness and educational support, the Riverside Foundation is also the steward for contributions intended to complement the existing care capabilities within the Riverside Health System.

The Gift: Designated as an unrestricted contribution to Riverside Regional Medical Center, this generous gift from FOAA totals $150,000 to be distributed in equal $50,000 increments over a three-year period.

FOAA logoThe Giver:  FOAA Anesthesia Services is the Mid-Atlantic division of North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA), the largest single specialty anesthesia and perioperative management company in the United States. As a contracting partner with Riverside Health System hospitals and surgery centers, FOAA anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists have been meeting the preoperative, anesthesia and pain control needs of Riverside patients since 2010. During that time FOAA has been nationally recognized for its work in providing exceptional patient care as well as a high level of patient and medical staff satisfaction. For more information please visit foaa.net and napaanesthesia.com.

The Opportunity: As the former surgical services line administrator for Riverside, Justin L. Crain, now the NAPA Mid-Atlantic senior vice president for business operations, is in a unique position to view the Riverside and FOAA partnership. "Along with developing the kind of clinical relationship that can deliver the most effective patient care possible, one or the most important goals we have when we begin working with a health care provider is to align common interests and values".

"Having worked at Riverside I was very aware of the close connections that Riverside hospitals, including Riverside Regional Medical Center, maintain with the communities they serve. Our anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and all of us at FOAA are part of those communities, too, and we share the same belief that it's important to give back".

"Both of our organizations focus on the patient and we're aware that not everyone can afford to pay for services that aren't covered by insurance. At the same time, it's vitally important that these resources remain available. We see Riverside dealing with this kind of financial issue every day, and as a true partner, we want to share the load. The desire to support the work that RRMC is already doing is the purpose of our gift. On the most basic level, it's really about doing the right thing."

Vincent J. Vilasi, Jr., MD, MBA, CEO of NAPA's Mid-Atlantic region  also emphasizes the fact that the gift was provided without any stipulation regarding use. "Riverside Regional Medical Center is the Peninsula's only Trauma Center. It's also the region's exclusive provider of a number of other specialty programs and services, so their needs reflect this broad range of capabilities. Our sense is that their medical and administrative staffs, as well as the Riverside Foundation, are closest to the situation and have the best ideas as to how financial gifts can be applied most effectively."

"One of the advantages of philanthropy in this particular context is that it becomes a welcome addition to the capabilities that are already there. Basically, it's something a little extra. So in addition to technology and equipment or facility enhancement, all of which are important, there is also the opportunity for our client partners like RRMC to use philanthropic resources to help support new and innovative programs. We're always very excited and gratified to be part of that potential.