Each month during the past three years a group of seven team members in the Internal Audit and Compliance Department has set money aside for a special fund to be used for their colleagues' birthdays and special occasions. Over time, as schedules became even busier, the celebrations became less frequent. As a result, the fund was either under used or not used at all.

Given those circumstances it would have been understandable for the group to simply stop giving. Instead, they realized they could use the money to help fellow team members by donating to the Help Fund, a resource that provides financial assistance to employees who experience a residential disaster or a personal loss.

"At the time, Riverside matched Help Fund donations so we felt it was a great way to maximize our giving," said Lisa Salsberry, Corporate Audit and Compliance/Privacy Officer. "This year, we focused on looking at ways to continue moving Riverside's mission forward. As Riverside team members we're here to help sustain a level of care that goes beyond what's simply required or even compensated to encompass what's actually needed, the kind of care people in our community deserve. For that reason we decided to make a donation that would be used to directly support our caregivers."

Lisa York, Internal Auditor, then reached out to Nurse Managers across the health system asking them to provide a list of items frequently requested by staff to enhance the care they provide to patients and families. "Giving starts at home and for a large part of the day, this is our home. We love our jobs and we care about Riverside. Existing resources can't always cover everything, but our patients still have needs." She added, "Next year we want to expand the program. We hope more departments will join in. It's all about people within Riverside helping each other."

Audit team

The team chose Riverside Regional Medical Center, which responded with a wish list that was surprising in its simplicity and insightful in its thoughtfulness. According to Gwen Hartzog, Vice President Nursing, "The items the Nurse Managers ask for are the kinds of things we can use every day in providing care to the patients we serve." As a result, $800 was donated to the RRMC Make a Difference Fund for the purchase of the following items:

  • 4 East Telemetry Unit: Wire Basket Cart
  • Annex 4 (ACE): Amplifiers for Hearing Impaired Patients, Pill Cutter and Scissors
  • Neuro/Ortho Unit: Walker
  • Palliative Care Unit: Wire Basket Cart
  • Oncology Unit: Comfort Kits for Patients
  • L&D Unit: Receiving/Halo Blankets

"We can't thank you and the people in your team enough for making this contribution," Mrs. Hartzog said. "Your team truly understands and acts on the meaning of giving."

Angie Healy, Director of Gift Planning for the Riverside Foundation said, " The Internal Audit and Compliance Team exemplifies how we can each make a difference individually, and how together, we can improve the lives of many by living out our mission: To Care For Others As We Would Care For Those We Love. It's a commitment that helps us make the extra effort needed to assure the highest levels of care."

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