Cancer Fund Gift Honors Riverside's John Stanley

John Stanley and Dennis LoftusWhen was the last time your boss fixed your entire department homemade, fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes?

Your answer is probably never — unless your boss is John Stanley. One of the little perks of working in Riverside's Information Systems (IS) department was John's once-a-year pancake feast for the 140 members of the department.

Stanley retired from his position as a Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer after 37 years at Riverside. To honor their boss, and thank him for his leadership, kindness and years of really good pancakes, the staff made a substantial gift in his name to the Tree of Life Cancer Fund [linkto: Gift Destinations/Cancer Care].

"John is a genuine good guy and a great leader," said Dennis Loftus, Stanley's successor. "And the annual pancake bash is just symbolic of his style and personality, as well as his management philosophy. Everyone knew he cared about them, appreciated them and supported them."

Stanley also has a unique perspective on this highly technical department. "I see the IS staff very much as caregivers, and as an integral part of Riverside's overall mission," he said. "We don't have the day-to-day contact with patients that the doctors and nurses do, but everything we do should be directly helping make the patient's experience with Riverside as easy as possible. That's one way we can make a real difference."

"John's focus on serving patients is ingrained in the staff's attitude about work," Loftus noted. "That's why we all pretty quickly came to the idea of honoring him with the donation. We selected the Tree of Life Cancer Fund because some of the staff are either cancer survivors themselves or have loved ones who are."

“I'm seldom speechless, but I was truly moved by this tribute. These are great people doing wonderful things. I'm so proud to have worked with all of them.”

The IS staff oversees hundreds of different systems within Riverside, including the all-important HIPAA data. Loftus said, "John will be missed. He pushed us to achieve goals, emphasized the importance of what we do, and always supported us in every way he could."

To contribute to the Tree of Life cancer fund, please contact Angie Healy, or click here to learn more.