Wellness Advocate

Wellness Advocate - a Resource for All Riverside Health Plan Participants

Taking care of others starts with taking care of you. But it’s not always easy to get on the road to wellness and to remain focused on your wellness goals. To support you in your wellness journey, Riverside is pleased to offer Wellness Advocate to participants in ALL Riverside Health Plans.

Information and Support
Wellness Advocate is an additional service of Health Advocate, the company that Riverside already partners with to provide healthcare navigation services for members of the Riverside CareAdvantage PPO (with a designated RMG primary provider). The Wellness Advocate program provides all of the tools you need to get on – and stay on – the healthy track:

  • Wellness Coach
  • Health Information
  • Wellness Workshops
  • MedChoice Support
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The Health Risk Assessment is an online link that is only active for new team members and existing team members who join a Riverside health plan outside of Open Enrollment due to a qualifying event.

A Personal Coach
Wellness Advocate brings you personalized assistance by pairing you with your own Wellness Coach. You, your primary care provider and your Wellness Coach can work together to find appropriate information and actions to meet your goals. As you reach your wellness goals, you’ll feel better, look better and save money on healthcare costs.

Private and Confidential
Wellness Advocate is private and confidential. Staff members are specially trained to handle each case with the utmost confidentiality. They comply with government privacy regulations to ensure that your medical and personal information is fully protected and held confidential. Riverside does not receive, or have access to, any of your confidential information.

Convenient Access by Phone or Web
It’s easy for you and your eligible family members to access services of Wellness Advocate, available to participants in all Riverside health plans.

Wellness Advocate can be a valuable partner in helping you form new lifestyle habits.


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