Riverside Care Advocate and Wellness Coaching Programs

The CareAdvocate program provides personalized assistance to help all plan participants and their eligible family members resolve healthcare issues to save time and money. Eligible family members include your spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law even if they are not enrolled in the health plan.

A major feature of the program is wellness coaching. Services offered include wellness workshops; online meal and exercise planning tools as well as health trackers and logs; authoritative health information; and MedChoice Support,™ a comparative tool designed to help users consider medical care options.

Getting started with the CareAdvocate and wellness coaching programs is easy. Visit the web site at HealthAdvocate.com/riverside or call Health Advocate at 866-799-2643.

Riverside Care Advocate Program Services

Personal Health Advocate
The Personal Health Advocate (PHA) is a trained professional, typically a registered nurse or a person experienced in benefits and administrative issues, who can handle claims, benefits, grievances, paperwork and other issues. As soon as you contact Riverside Care Advocate, a PHA establishes a relationship with you and stays with you through the resolution of your problem.

Care Coordination
Your PHA can help you coordinate care among physicians and medical institutions. This may include:

  • Helping you understand tests, treatments, and medications,
  • Assisting you through complex medical conditions
  • Arranging for home-care services and equipment

Claims Assistance
Your PHA may help you sort out and solve claims and related paperwork problems and assist you with coverage and benefits issues.

Grievance Advice
As appropriate, your PHA can provide advice and/or assistance to you when filing a complaint or grievance with your health insurer.

Coverage AdvantageTM
Your PHA may help you through the coverage review process and, when necessary, may also assist in identifying alternative coverage options.
Your PHA may assist you with prescription drug issues including formulary and benefit questions.

Health Cost EstimatorTM
Your Health Cost Estimator (HCE) provides you with zip-code based estimates for common medical services and procedures. Your PHA may provide you with personalized and easy-to-understand reports highlighting a range of comparative cost estimates for the service in question, and will help answer any questions you may have.

Health Advocate CareQuest
This service can help locate resources and make arrangements for you if you need special services that fall outside the realm of traditional healthcare benefits. You will be responsible for payment for any services you use beyond those covered by your health plan.

Riverside Diabetes Partnership Program
Health Advocate partners with Riverside to provide wellness coaching to team members enrolled in the Riverside Diabetes Partnership program. Participation in this program is voluntary and one may choose to withdraw from the program at any time. However, if participants want to receive the financial incentives of the program, Wellness Coaching is required for “low-risk” participants.

Contact Information:
Riverside CareAdvocate/Health Advocate
(866) 799-2643

Riverside Total Rewards/Benefit Services
Building 6, Suite 6B
12420 Warwick Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606

Email: benefits@rivhs.com

Phone Number(s):
(757) 534-5544


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