Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

Williamsburg Health Foundation

Substance use disorders can result in problems that create costs for individuals, their families and entire communities. The Greater Williamsburg area is affected financially by the increase in healthcare, public safety, and social service costs, and emotionally by the increase in illness, disability and death. SBIRT can help reduce these costs and improve the health of the Greater Williamsburg population.

Many people who have substance use issues do not seek treatment, often because they do not realize they have a problem. Other mature individuals may not have a diagnosable disorder but may be at risk for substance-related problems. Healthcare offices and clinics provide a safe and appropriate setting to address these situations.

An adult's substance misuse and/or abuse may go undetected if no one inquires, and symptoms may be attributable to another cause, such as dementia, polypharmacy, stress or grief.

This program has been providing public health professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, health educators, and community health workers with the information, skills, and tools needed to conduct screenings and brief interventions for the past two years thanks to the support of the WCHF.  In the final grant-funded year of the SBIRT project, we hope to continue to provide training and support to these professionals in a way that allows SBIRT to become integrated into routine care throughout participating practices.

Using this effective intervention to reduce risky behavior can help improve the health of individuals and communities by preventing the range of negative outcomes associated with substance use or misuse such as: injuries and deaths; physical and mental health issues; loss of employment and financial challenges; and relationship problems.

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