Registered Nurses

Our RNs care for everyone, everywhere

Our RNs are caring, compassionate and committed.Within Riverside, Registered Nurses can find nearly unlimited opportunities in every type of clinical and specialty setting. Just to identify a few, you can work in:

  • One of our fast-paced Emergency Rooms, where lives are saved in a matter of seconds.
  • The open heart surgery center at Riverside Regional Medical Center where hearts are mended.
  • Women and Infant Care Services where new lives are welcomed on a daily basis.
  • Our Operating Rooms where lives are put back together one stitch at a time.
  • One of our critical care units where patients begin to heal.
  • Home Health services where patients receive care in their own homes.
  • Staffing Resources, our system-wide labor pool.

Wherever you choose to work, RNs at Riverside have some all-important traits. We are looking for nurses who:

  • Believe in a vision for the future, based on the best practices of the past.
  • Work as a team to ensure the best patient care possible.
  • Are caring, compassionate and committed.
  • Are always willing to learn and help others learn.
  • Have clinical experience.

Join our Riverside team today
If you are a Registered Nurse looking for the best professional environment possible, you belong at Riverside.

Questions? E-mail or call (757) 534-JOBS (5627) or (866) 929-9905.

Nursing ladderWanted: RN nurse leaders
All of our nurses are encouraged to enhance their skills and step into leadership roles where they feel they can help make a difference and further their careers. Many of our RNs are also nurse leaders, working in the hospitals as floor or unit supervisors, in long-term care facilities as nurse managers and in testing labs as managers overseeing quality control and safety.

We encourage mentoring relationships, support continuing education programs and provide leadership training to help RNs climb the career ladder.

At Riverside, we are looking for nurse leaders who are:

  • Experienced as a leader with management skills.
  • Passionate about quality patient care.

Learn more about nursing leadership.


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